Gareth John Evans

Gareth John Evans

29/8/74 - 8/6/07
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If you're looking for me

You'll find me resting in the shade

Of the mountains and trees

Beneath the cool summer breeze

And I don't mind if you stay.

The summer ends and the winter winds

Begin to holler all around the bend

We will smile and sail away

This won't be no sadness day

When the winter winds greet the trees back there.

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Remember how it used to be, when the sun would would fill the sky, we thought those days would never end. I miss you pal, Aaron
Donated by Aaron Wilson
From everyone in Microbiology FALThose we love don't go awaythey walk beside us everydayand thoughts go back as they often doto treasured memories we have of youLove AlwaysMum, Dad and LeeIf love could build a stairway and memories a lane,we'd climb right up to Heaven and bring you back again.Aunt Sheena, Uncle Ian, Gillian, Pamela, Billy & Adam xx