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Dundreggan Conservation Estate is a 10,000 acre expanse of wild land near Loch Ness.  Formerly a traditional sporting estate, it was bought by Trees for Life in 2008 to expand the Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands. 


Our vision for Dundreggan

With your support, Dundreggan will be a very different place in 50 years time. Natural woodland, with open glades intermingled with denser areas, will stretch up from the banks of the River Moriston. This diverse forest of oakpineaspenhazeljuniper and birch will grade into montane scrub that will cover much of the higher slopes. Wildlife flourishing in this abundant woodland habitat will include red squirrelcapercaillieEuropean beaverwild boarospreyblack grouse and wood antsTwinflowercreeping ladies tresses and other rare woodland plants will thrive. The forests of Dundreggan will no longer be isolated, but part of a larger expanse of native woodland from Glen Affric Nature Reserve in the north to Glen Moriston, and the shores of Loch Ness in the south east.

Become a Friend of Dundreggan

But we can't do this alone. To deliver this extensive programme of restoration at Dundreggan we need to raise £100,000 each year.


Caledonia - Scotland's Heart of Pine

As a Friend of Dundreggan you will enjoy

  • A gift wallet containing ten fine art prints by Peter Cairns and a DVD featuring a slideshow of images to the Caledonia soundtrack sung by Ailsa Villegas, a high quality photographic print of Dundreggan, plus an introductory pack with more detailed information about the Estate.
  • Regular Friends email updates from our Executive Director.
  • An invitation to join an annual Friends' event at Dundreggan, where you can see how your support is enabling the forest to return, and meet Trees for Life staff and Board members.
  • Playing a vital role as a key supporter of one of the largest Caledonian Forest projects in the UK.


Friends of Dundreggan Day 2016 

Our annual Friends of Dundreggan Day took place on 28 August and featured a tour for all of our donors of the Tree Nursery and a visit to the boar enclosure, but the boar didn’t oblige by showing themselves - they were probably asleep by the time everyone got there! Doug Gilbert and Alan Watson Featherstone gave a joint presentation about the amazing work that donations have enabled over the last 8 years as well as plans for the years ahead. 

Our donors also had the opportunity to do some  hands-on work at a new planting area by the River Moriston and planted the first trees of the next round of tree planting to be done on the Estate. A few days afterwards, this scheme received funding approval to plant 300,000 trees, so this was a very important symbolic start to a major project!





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