Thank you to the following contributors who have provided content for our website

Alan Watson Featherstone

Alan is the founder of Trees for Life. He is an ecologist, nature photographer and inspirational speaker. Alan wrote most of the forest facts and some of the habitats, ecology and human impacts information. He has contributed to the photography throughout.

Dan Puplett

Dan Puplett is a naturalist, conservationist and environmental educator providing training in a range of nature-based skills. Dan has written many of the articles on our website, including forest facts, habitats, ecology and folklore.

Shirley Pottie

Shirley Pottie has contributed to our forest facts and numerous other pages on our website.

Paul Kendall

Paul Kendall wrote many of the folklore and mythology pages on our website.

Edward Baker

Edward Baker contributed greatly to our writing on aphids.

With further thanks to

Murdo Macdonald, Dr Coralie Mill and Rex Hancy for comments and updates to content.


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