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All the people we love and serve with ceremonies

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Plant a tree to remember a loved one or to mark a special moment. Plant a tree in the Caledonian Forest to have a place and a living presence in Scotland. Celebrate People will plant a tree for the funerals we conduct and marriages we celebrate. Celebrate a life. Celebrate love. Celebrate the earth. We hope these trees will offset the carbon we create doing this wonderful work. Celebrate People also support toilets, taps and training in the developing world.  www.toilettwinning.org  
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Jessie was the strong, loving heart of her family, from whom she was taken before her time. This is my way of thanking them for asking me to conduct her funeral. It was an honour. Tim Maguire
Donated by Jessie Comerford's Grove
I’m not sending Christmas cards this year: instead, I’m planting more trees to celebrate the work that I and my Celebrate People colleagues have done in 2020. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy Christmas and a safe and serene winter solstice!
Donated by Tim Maguire
To mark our wedding at Dalduff in 2019, and for our friends Jill, Ewan and Gerrie, who made it such a special day filled with laughter and love.
Donated by Andy and Gillian
For Dad and Cath xxx
Donated by Marcia
For Mum, Dad and Laura Twaddell. With love.
Donated by Julie Twaddell
For Mum, Dad and Laura Twaddell. With love.
Donated by Julie Twaddell
For Suzanne's dad. A Prestwick lad.
Donated by Celebrate People HQ
For a wonderful woman x
Donated by For Linda x
Libby, Angus and Me
Donated by LeighF
for k and s to celebrate their wedding day 💜
Donated by Sarah w
A tree for each of our 3 new Celebrate People celebrants who give of themselves for love, compassion and equality in Scotland. Thanks to Libby McArthur, Angus Farquhar and Leigh Ferguson.
Donated by Celebrate People
Remembering the many people we have lost through Covid in Scotland. It is a privilege to celebrate their lives. Their love lives on in all of us
Donated by Celebrate People Celebrants
For all the couples that we have been supporting during Covid. Your love grows along with these trees.
Donated by Celebrate People Celebrants
Richard sent £100 as a thank you to our celebrant Tim Maguire who shopped for him during lockdown in 2020. Tim didn't want to take anything from him so agreed that planting trees for life would be a great thing to do. Thanks Richard and thank you Tim for your time and your kindness
Donated by From Richard G for our celebrant Tim Maguire's support during lockdown
Happy happy birthday Gerrie! Love Nicky and Coral xxx
Donated by Nicky & Coral
celebrating 65 years of an incredible woman Gerrie , many happy more revolutions round the sun xxx
Donated by Joyce & Maitrisiddha
Happy birthday Gerrie Celebrating your joyful life with another tree in the grove. Wishing you an entire forest!
Donated by Dawn & Kevin xxx
For Toby, gone far too soon. X
Donated by Cath Ingham
One tree to celebrate your birthday Gerrie, and here’s to many more in years to come xxx And another in memory of my dad.
Donated by Elaine
Happy Birthday Gerrie, love Sharon, Alex, Ewan & Cameron x
Donated by Sharon McGowan
happy Birthday gorgeous Lady, (Gerrie) xxx
Donated by Yvonne
To replace the beautiful cherry tree that grew outside my house for years- that the council chopped down today :(
Donated by Faith Dial
Let your Love Grow Andy and Gillian and Kate and Graeme. Both couples married at gorgeous Dalduff Farm Ayrshire
Donated by Gerrie Of celebratepeople.co.uk
Remembering. We care for the earth and the people we serve.
Donated by Dignity Funerals
Remembering always Robert C, John G, Maureen G, Hilda B, Emma M, Alfie D, James B, William D, Alex McF, Donald B and Peter Y. In memory of Maureen and Richard. In memory of Sandy. In memory of Stephen.
Donated by Celebrate People Celebrants
Thank you for celebrating lives with us. We wish you well. We wish you the love and compassion you give to others.
Donated by For our Celebrant Trainees 2020
In memory of my Grandparents, with love
Donated by Gemma
In memory of my Grandparents, with love
Donated by Gemma
For Celia, loved and missed everyday x
Donated by Amy MacGillivray
Remembering Debbie T life with love. Beautiful and lovely woman x
Donated by Celebrate People Gerrie DS
Remembering Betty R with love
Donated by Gerrie Douglas-Scott