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I spent a lot of my formative years in the Highlands and I care deeply about nature and the future of our planet. I also love conducting weddings in the great outdoors, which is why I want to help Trees for Life to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest that once covered most of Scotland. Here's my promise. For every wedding I conduct, I will plant a native tree: as your marriage grows and matures, your tree will grow with it. PS I made that promise at the start of 2020, and then COVID happened, so I haven't planted anything like as many trees as I had hoped. Let's hope that 2021 will be better...  
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Anna and Scott got married yesterday at Newhall Estate just outside Edinburgh. Only Anna's parents and their husky, Storm, were allowed to be with us, but we were joined over Zoom by more than a hundred friends and family members around the world. As Anna said, "The service was perfect and exactly what we had imagined. You brought our words to life and we are so grateful."
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Monique and Jamie got married yesterday, with only their Maid of Honour and Best Man in attendance. Fortunately we were able to webcast their wedding to friends and family around the globe, so it was a very inclusive occasion, even with the constraints that the virus is putting on us. You can see a few photos from the day here along with the people who helped make it happen.
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Excuses, excuses! My grove isn't as densely planted as I'd hoped, but there's a reason for that; COVID-19! There's another reason too: my direct debit to Trees for Life was never activated either - we're looking into that - so this is a retrospective donation!
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