Nemo’s Woodland

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We at Nemo are eager to do our bit to create a positive impact on the environment. Through planting 1 tree with every trip booked, and 1 everytime a client has their birthday, we hope to make a difference to the planet around us.


23 trees
One tree for every booking!
Donated by Everyone that booked from Sept - Dec
14 trees
Trees for Benjamin, Tina (x2!), Orlando, Eliza, Harriet, Ben, Max, Dilini, Serena, Harry, Nicola, Imre & Peter.
Donated by One tree for every trip booked :)
4 trees
Thank you for booking Duncan and Christine! And happy birthday Christine, Joana and Paul! We've planted a tree in the nemo woodland in your name.
Donated by Duncan and Christine, Joana Filipe, Paul Clark
5 trees
Happy Birthday Imelda! Happy Birthday Dunan! Happy Birthday Yirao! Thanks for booking Viken! Thanks for booking Ben!
Donated by Imelda, Yirao, Viken, Ben & Duncan
2 trees
Happy Birthday Rosemary! Thanks for booking Duncan!
Donated by Rosemary Abdelshahid, Duncan Harding
3 trees
Happy Birthday from Nemo!
Donated by Alex Steeden, Belinda Fordy & Laura Clark
3 trees
2 trees
Happy Birthday from Nemo! You now have a tree planted under your name in the Scottish Highlands, congrats!
Donated by Robyne Beaman & Belinda Fordy
4 trees
11 trees