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Welcome to our CloudCloth® grove. We make reusable skin cloths for professional and consumer use.  As a sustainable skincare brand, we’re not only focused on improving the efficacy of fabric cleansing cloths, but also on reducing the use of throw-aways and producing our cloths in a way that minimises environmental impact.   At CloudCloth® altruism, mindful consumption and sustainability are central to our ethos. This Trees for Life grove was established to enable us to make a contribution to the rewilding of the Scottish Highlands. Preserving the ecology of our planet and enabling those who continue that work is really important to us. And so we have begun the process of contributing whenever we have the profits to do so, however small that contribution may be.   If you would like to know more about our brand, please visit our website
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15 trees
15 Trees planted by CloudCloth to celebrate Earth Day
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8 trees
Thank you SheerLuxe!
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14 trees
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10 trees
10 Trees October 2020
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10 trees
10 Trees Planted 11/08/2020
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4 trees