Acorn Trails

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Choosing trees instead of tees, runners taking steps towards a greener future


27 trees
Six parks of Glasgow, six 5km races. Enjoyed by all. And adding to the Grove
Donated by South By Five
30 trees
Additional trees from the Women's 10 GREEN FRIDAY promotion
Donated by Women's 10
10 trees
The inaugural Pollok Park Trail Race explored parts of the park some runners did not know existed.
Donated by Pollok Park Trail Race
19 trees
Trees donated for the Dunky 2021 - in addition to over £100 donated to The Woodland Trust
Donated by Duncan Macfarlane Race
5 trees
Mull of Galloway Trail Marathon and Sandhead 10 in 2021
Donated by Mull of Galloway Trail events
21 trees
Windfarm operators and event sponsor BayWa.r.e planted a tree for each runner who chose the same option when they signed up. At 21kg of CO2 removed from the air per year per (fully grown) tree, that's great! Thanks guys
Donated by BayWa.r.e for Inverclyde Windfarm Trail Race
23 trees
The inaugural Inverclyde Windfarm Trail Race, was one one of the first trail races back on the post restriction calendar. Participants gave amazing feedback and look forward to the return of the event in 2022. The volunteer marshal team also chose to donate some of these trees
Donated by Inverclyde Windfarm Trail Race
9 trees
Celebrating 100 years of Linn Park in Glasgow, we held the inaugural Linn Park Centenary Trail Race. Also donating £200 to the work of Friends of Linn Park
Donated by Linn Park Centenary Trail Race
7 trees
Everything to do with Five - 5k, 5 friends, 5 days - all to support More Than Fibro. We did however plant 7 trees! Well done to all who took part, especially More Than Fibro founder Sharon Turnball for her acheivements.
Donated by Five For Fibro
29 trees
This event was a great success - runners loved it. Along with donations to the John Muir Trust and the Green Action Network, we planted a small forest! Well done on your 215km and thank you for your support
Donated by Virtual John Muir Way
3 trees
Once again a virtual race due to the restrictions. Runners were still enthused enough to enter and plant trees. Thanks
Donated by Migo Mile for February
7 trees
Why not add to your month of challenge and plant a tree in Scotland? These guys did just that. Thanks :)
Donated by Absolutely Febulous
7 trees
Running the leafy parks of south Glasgow inspired some runners to have a tree planted
Donated by Virtual South By Five
30 trees
A man who loved the outdoor world, Dunky would be proud to know that runners in the race named for him donated trees to be planted in Scotland
Donated by Duncan Macfarlane Virtual
6 trees
Runners from our year long Challenge 21 donated our first trees.
Donated by Challenge 21
1 tree