Wartburg Woods – planted with Trabant Trees

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The Wartburg Woods grove is planted by supporters of the Wartburg Trabant IFA Club UK, the UK club for all cold war classic cars and motorcycles, produced behind the 'iron curtain'. In 2021 it became the first classic car club in Great Britain and Ireland to commit to a long-term project to plant trees in the UK. The club has committed to plant at least 20 trees a year in the grove, to offset the emissions that its three main events generate year. This has been calculated by the typical number of miles (and fuel used) that supporters travel to, and during, club events each year. We also encourage supporters to buy trees to offset their own 'carbon footprint' from their classic cars (or indeed everyday cars). The simple calculation is that one litre of fuel produces 2.4kg of carbon dioxide. Trees for Life advise that to offset 1 metric tonne of carbon, 4.19 trees need to be planted. This equates to one tree for every 100 litres of fuel used. Based on typical fuel consumption, a Trabant driver needs to plant 1.1 trees for every 1,000 miles and a Wartburg driver 1.3 trees for every 1,000 miles To find out more, please visit www.ifaclub.co.uk ABOUT THE CLUB
Formed in 1969 as the Wartburg Owners Club - at a time when the cars were sold new in the UK as right-hand drive models - when direct supply ceased in 1976 the club then started a spares operation. After the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, other East German vehicles could then be bought secondhand, with the Trabant being a popular import to the UK. Since then the club has expanded to serve enthusiasts of all makes. With the collapse of the USSR and the change of political system across the Eastern Bloc even more vehicles have become available and enthusiasts in the UK and Ireland have been keen to acquire these once-derided, but durable, cars, motorcycles and mopeds.
The club is the UK home of eastern bloc classics, and the only club (rather than a Facebook site) catering for classic cars from the Cold War era We support everyone interested in ALL vehicle makes from former ‘iron curtain’ Soviet and Eastern bloc countries. In total, around 290 club members own 376 Eastern Bloc vehicles from a total of 41 different manufacturers - a remarkable spread. The club is run entirely by volunteers with the sole purpose of bringing together like-minded people with an interest (and/or ownership) in all Eastern Bloc classic vehicles. These range from cars, to commercial vehicles and motorcycles of various forms. While Trabants form the majority of vehicles owned by members, followed by other IFA group products including Wartburg and Barkas, there are plenty of others.
The full list of vehicle makes/brands owned by club members is: • Auto Union (East Germany, pre-war) • Balkan (Bulgaria) • Barkas (East Germany) • CZ (Czechoslovakia) • DKW (East Germany) • Dnepr (Ukraine) • FSM (Poland) • FSO (Poland) • GAZ (Russia) • IFA (East Germany) • Ikarus (Hungary) • Izh (Russia) • IWL (East Germany) • Jawa (Czechoslovakia) • Junak (Poland) • Komar (Poland) • Lada (Russia) • Moskvitch (Russia) • MZ (East Germany) • Oltcit (Romania) • QEK (East Germany) • Riga (Russia) • Robur (East Germany) • Romet (Poland) • Simson (East Germany) • Skoda (Czechoslovakia) • Tarpan (Poland) • Tatra (Czechoslovakia) • Trabant (East Germany) • UAZ (Russia) • Ural (Russia) • Velorex (Czechoslovakia) • Volga/VAZ (Russia) • Voskhod (Russia) • Wartburg (East Germany) • WFM (Poland) • WSK (Poland) • Yugo (Yugoslavia) • Zastava (Yugoslavia) • Zaporozhets/ZAZ (Russia) • Żuk (Poland)
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1 tree
Donated by Clive Gross
5 trees
Donated by Lukas
10 trees
I have enjoyed Wartburg driving on & off since 1968 + CZ/Jawa/MZ Motorcycles. Time to give back a little to the planet, well done to the Wartburg Trabant IFA Club UK for this initiative.
Donated by Sam
4 trees
Donated by Adam Drake-Brockman
1 tree
Offsetting my ten years as a Trabant driver, and now our joint enjoyment of an Austin Ambassador, hopefully this tree will be the first of many in our name.
Donated by James & Karen Bridges
6 trees
A fresh full end-of year calculation of the cars (normal and classic) that I drove in the 12 months to 31/12/21 reveals that I need to plant another 6 trees to bring my personal total to 16 trees for the year. I have pledged to offset all my driving for 2021, and then 2022 onwards using the formula of 100 litres of fuel used = 1 tree
Donated by Mel Holley
10 trees
I have chosen to offset my classic car and 'normal' car usage for the last 12 months, which would equal 9.3 trees. So 10 sounds like a nice round number! I am committing to offset all my car travel in 2022
Donated by Mel Holley
20 trees
The club has committed to planting at least 20 trees each year to offset the three major events it holds.
Donated by Wartburg Trabant IFA Club UK
1 tree