Emma & Jenny’s – Women to Work Grove of Celebration & Gratitude

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We started this grove for Christmas 2021 as a celebration and in gratitude of our friendship, our professional relationship and the wonderful business, Women to Work, we are proud to have created. Taking a moment to appreciate and celebrate is important to us, and doing what we can to help our world is too, planting this grove is a lovely way for us to do both! So we are celebrating the big and the small, the personal and the professional, the people and the places… and more...all the things we are grateful for and we look forward to seeing our Grove of Celebration and Gratitude grow and thrive, and create a legacy for the future.
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Planting this tree in celebration of International Women's Day 2022 ….. it’s such an important day in the work that we do, it seemed the perfect reason to add a tree to our grove.
Donated by Jenny & Emma