Forth Valley u3a Grove

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Forth Valley u3a welcomes you to add a tree to our grove. In November 2021 Glasgow hosted COP26 and that event prompted those of us listed below to fund a tree grove in this important rewilding project in the Highlands of Scotland. Contributions to our grove are welcome from all, there is no need to be a member of u3a. Located in the Forth Valley area of Scotland, we are a part of the UK-wide u3a movement. Open to retired and semi-retired people we offer many ways to stretch your mind and body. If you are no longer working full time u3a gives you the chance to develop your interests, make new friends and enjoy yourself. We welcome any new contribution to our grove which we hope to be a lasting and growing project for all to enjoy. Find us on: Facebook: Website: This grove was launched by the following Forth Valley u3a members: Janice Ainslie, Douglas Aiton, Arlene Aiton, David Allan, Christine Allan, Alison Archibald, Bill Bedborough, Sheena Bedborough, Alan Blue, Margaret Blue, Lyndsay Boyack, Cathy Dale, Tony Duff, Doris Dunn, June Emery, Nicoll Fletcher, Linda Fletcher, Kay Gordon, Sylvia Hay, Jenny Hough, Wilson Jamieson, June Johnston, Caroline Mackie, Mhairi Macleod, Dorothy MacNeil, Edith MacQuarrie, Jane McGill, Dawn Moore, Janet Murphy, Kathy Onori, Danny Paterson, Florence Paterson, Anne Preston, Cas Stait, Susan Tester, Ken Turner, Beth Turner.
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Donated by Bill and Carol Fincham
Donated by MacQuarrie
Donated by Peter Sutherland
One tree for each of our grandchildren
Donated by Sandi and Ian Grieve
We would like to donate some extra for your other exciting work in the rewilding of Scotland.
Donated by Forth Valley u3a