The Trybe Grove

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This grove is dedicated to the members of the Scottish band, The Trybe,

the musical embodiment of the return of Pictish Nation:

Iain "Skirlie" McFadden

Brendon McCabe

Dave "Black Eagle Bear" Pazdziorek

Ed Boyter

Lisa Leith

We, the fans of The Trybe, dedicate these trees as our way of expressing our gratitude to the members of the band for their dedication and adherence to their ideals, for their keen sense of Scottish history, and for their stirring music.

Formed in Perthshire in 2005 and based in Stonehaven beside the ancient Pictish stronghold of Dunnottar, The Trybe spreads the word through its performances with big drums, big bodhrans and "McMetal" piping which create a fast and furious, full scale, aural assault of jigs, reels and marches.

May the Great Caledonian Forest rise again within the Pictish Nation!

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