The Extended Inglis Family Grove

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This grove is to mark the Christmas coming
and our loss in 2006 of the sole mature - beech - tree at Gelston Mill.


To mark the occasion of the "felling" of a dead elm but not expressing the same regeret as for the exit of the sole Gelston Mill beech tree. J&K
Donated by Kenneth Inglis
This donation is to establish the Extended Inglis Family Grove and to plant eighteen trees within it. Although we much regretted losing the handsome mature beech tree at Gelston Mill in 2006 (see photo) - because it was too near overhead power lines, we hope this planting at least offsets that loss. Jean and Ken Inglis A further contrbution from Jean & Ken Inglis to the grove to mark the ninety-third birthday on 15th March 2008 of Ken's cousin, Jean Brown, of Kilmarnock and more recently of Edinburgh, who is the younger daughter of Agnes Inglis (wife of Jimmy Brown) who sadly died in 1915 five days after Jean's birth.To mark Christmas 2008 from Jean and Ken Inglis
Donated by Jean and Ken Inglis