To celebrate the life of

Jose Harper

14th February 1960 - 13th July 2010
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May your spirit rest peacefully amongst these Highland trees

Held in our memories with admiration, love and affection.

From the families of the Frosts, Harbys, Silverwoods, Durbans and Hursts

Together, all the dead contrive

to sing as one voice easily,

a deep, remembered, intonation.

And what they sing is most exact,

most truthful, since it has no words.

And what they sing is wise and kind.

Its kindness is the end of pain.

Its wisdom is that each birth frees

an accent from the song again.

(Poem is "Envoi" by Peter Bennet)

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Donated by Miss Sally M Frost
from Angela and Robert Silverwood
Donated by Miss Sally M Frost