The Walker Family Xmas 2006 and onward Grove

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This Christmas grove is dedicated to the Walker family. This is, at the moment, Andrew and Avril (Dad and Mum, Grandfather and Grandmother) living in Brighton, Paddy, Paul, Luca and Reinier living in Haren, the Netherlands; Oonagh and Richard living in Cam, Glos, and Christopher living in Cerney Wick, Glos. It is dedicated by Alistair, living in Lancaster.

Of course, this family group is but one branch of a much bigger tree, which has roots and older branches going back decades, branches old and new in profusion all over the world in the present, and several more shooting off into the future. And this tree in turn is only a tiny part of the forest of humanity, which in its turn is rooted in the community of life on earth; all connected through time and space, all interconnected, by air, water, soil and genes. Anyway, that's enough of that; I'll get my coat...

Happy Christmas one and all; we're not together this year, but our trees are, in a grove in the ancient Caledonian forest. Raise a glass to all of us, and to them...

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