A Little Piece of Scotland

The Troup Family

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After 6.5 years in Scotland
the Troup clan are heading back to Australia.

So that they will always have a little piece of
Scotland to call their own
a grove of trees has been purchased
in Dundreggan near Loch Ness.

Hopefully the trees will grow big and strong
just like the Troup kids.

We all look forward to the day
when you come back and visit us and your trees.

Lots of love and squishy stuff


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The Scout Troop, now 6, will always have a claim on Scotland and on our love.Martin & Ann
Donated by Martin & Ann Allan
Jen, Scott and Family,Wishing you all a wonderful life. Enjoy this new page!Love Donna
Donated by Donna Lloyd
To New Beginnings. Gina x
Donated by Gina Shepherd
Sending lots of love to you all as you begin your new life down under, hope it is everything you want it to be. We will miss you lots and will think of you often. Love you guys!Laura, Ronnie & Anna xxx
Donated by Laura Jane McBride
We wish you all every happiness for your new life in Australia.Love and God blessMargaret & Brian
Donated by Brian & Margaret Elder
Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you go on this new adventure! We pray that Australia will soon become the home that you have dreamed of for so long. All our love Gordon and Anna xxx
Donated by Gordon and Anna Yeaman
Happy memories of you all. We will miss you and pray that you will be richly blessed in this new chapter of your life ! Much Love and Blessings fromArchie and Sheena xxx
Donated by Archie & Sheena Black
Donated by Ruth M Elder