Annie Blossom Phillips

22 April - 27 September 2013
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Whilst our little Annie Blossom did not have a chance at life, we like to think that this grove will be a happy resting place for her soul. We have fond memories of visiting the Highlands and couldn't think of a better place for her to be remembered and visited once in a while. Her gift to us all is to see the wood from the trees and to treasure all that we hold dear and special.

Annie - we will not forget you and you will always be our
Little Annie Blossom and sister to Freddie and Llola.

The following poem was written by my sister Suzy that we read at Annie's service:

To our beautiful little Annie this is your day

For us to celebrate 'you' in some little way.

Though you may not have had a future to see,

A daughter, sister, grandchild, niece and cousin you'll always be.

We'll never forget your hands and feet so small,

Or your hair as dark as ebony standing tall.

To the end we're thankful you were never alone,

With your brother as we talked through mummy's telephone.

Sadly some things are just not meant to be,

For you little one, there's no more pain or hurt, thankfully.

Because of you, our lives are all of a sudden so much clearer,

We are so lucky to have Llola and Freddie to fill us with love and laughter.

And so you left us to go to a special magical place,

Where we imagine you with a smile upon your face,

Playing with unicorns, mermaids, pixie dust and fairies,

Sleeping on clouds and giggling with other babies.

Your first clap might be with puppies and kittens singing,

Your first crawl towards a shooting star that's soon to be leaving,

Your first food could be delicious strawberry ice-cream,

Your first steps over a rainbow chasing a butterfly you've seen.

Perhaps when you grow older you'll go on a hot air balloon ride,

Go exploring, find taniwha and fight scallywag pirates.

Maybe you'll follow a quest to a place you'd like to stay,

That's not far from where the sun rises first each day.

You'll be forever in our hearts and in our pictures unseen,

We miss you daily but instead of dwelling on what might have been,

This time every year, from here and on and on,

We'll dream of magical adventures for our Little Annie Blossom.

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For Annie Blossom with love from Joss and Charlotte
Donated by Charlotte Mulchinock
To Annie – beloved daughter of Heidi and Simon, and sister to Llola and Fergus. May you rest in peace and happiness in this beautiful and special place. Love Lizzie
Donated by Lizzie Mortimer
In memory of Annie Blossom Phillips.Rest in peace little one.Love, Brenna, David and Ava
Donated by Brenna David and Ava Dorrance Tinkler
We would love to have known you Annie Blossom but we will always think of you in a beautiful place with your lovely trees.With love from Jan and Pete xxx
Donated by Jan & Pete Mulchinock
Enjoy the lullaby of Mother Nature, the joyful singing of the birds, the rustling of the leaves in the wind – an enchanted grove for you to fly with the fairies and butterflies. You will live in our hearts forever, little Annie Blossom, and we hope one day to enjoy the peace and beauty of this special place.Sweet dreams and love from Nanny and Pappy
Donated by Norman Phillips
For Little AnnieA beautiful place where you will always be treasured and remembered.With loveVicky, Sacha, Alex and Sophie xxxx
Donated by Vicky Mulchinock
Annie Blossom, thinking of you and your family and I’m happy to be given the chance to add to your peaceful resting place. Love to all of you xxx- Siobhan
Donated by Siobhan Maguire
Rest in peace and happiness dear little Annie Blossom, look out for these trees as they grow big and strong and we will treasure them as a small reminder of you. You will always be remembered here…- The Fazackerleys
Donated by The Fazackerleys
Dearest Annie Blossom Phillips,your memory is held dear in the hearts of your parents and their love for you is felt strongly by family and friends.May you have a long peaceful future dancing with angels.- Kevin
Donated by Kevin Black
Donated by Mr s n phillips