Alan Beevers Grove

Alan's 60th Birthday

27th February 2014
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For many of my 60 years on this planet I thought I was smarter than the average tree. This is clearly not the case!

We need more of these wise and beautiful forest beings.

Instead of gadgets and sweeties this birthday, celebratory trees would be a delight.

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To Alan with love from the Thomas and Lewis families, past and present.
Donated by Chris Thomas
Happy Birthday! Late again, as always or it wouldn't be me
Donated by Robert Fordham
Hi Alan,This is Victor Fornari from the 70’s. Wishing you the best.For all of Alan’s friends and relatives, Alan and I were chums way back in the 70’s. Played a mean game of darts at many of the local drinking spots in Inverness in our late teens. The Eagle Bar, the Plough, the back bar in the Corriegarth are some of the pubs we frequented. Special memories.Not at all surpised to see you are still as smart, funny and great company now as then. Reminding you of favorite bands at the time I recall as Soft Machine and Hatfield and the North.Be good.
Donated by Victor Fornari
Dear Alan, I wish you All the Best for your 60th Birthday. May these trees grow strong and carry your love and care for hundreds of years. Many Thanks for all your help and support.Lots of Love. Maren
Donated by Maren Lueg
Alan, the man with the beautiful soul. Alan who is 60 years young. Alan who will never truly grow old because he nurtures his soul and the souls of those he meets. Love Janice, Tommy and Ruairidh
Donated by Janice McLeod
For Alan, Beavers use trees for their own ends, Beevers loves trees for themselves. We salute Alan Beevers on his 60th (a beaver would never match that) We thank Alan for letting us share his company over the years; he is a unique combination of the inspirational, the passionate, the creative and the humble: and he is such FUN! Alan, we love you and are delighted to add to your flourishing grove. Stephen and Chris
Donated by Stephen Green
Some trees for Uncle Alan from Christopher and Orla. The second best present ever bought (behind The “Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense” VHS video bought for their Daddy by that same uncle many years ago!)
Donated by Garry Mackay
Have a good one pal…Barack Attacks all round!! From Robert, Kasia, Jan and Molly xxx
Donated by Robert McAuley
Squirrels in the canteen,Burning books over a Malt.Fighting Jizzer for the Right reasons, with 10 Silk Cut and a Brown Bear.Was there ever a more beautiful man of Spirit?
Donated by Sandy Campbell
Happy birthday Alan! If any boughs should fall bags I first dibs for spoons! Love Lynn and Alan
Donated by Alan Sargeant
I reflected long and hard about leaving a thought provoking and inspiring message, but the whole time I couldn’t get past that fact that for your 60th Birthday, Hannah and I gave you wood!You are the best uncle a boy could ask for – a role model and a bloody cool dude. With all our love, we wish you a very Happy Birthday.Ross & Hannah x
Donated by Ross MacKay
What wonderful dedications below – you are much loved.I will simply say happy birthday dearest Alan.From Margaret, your partner, lover and friend. xxxxxx (A.W.L.)
Donated by Margaret Sanger
This comes from ‘Rings on a Tree’ by Norman McCaig (1968):BalancesBecause I see the world poisoned by cant and brutal self-seekingmust I be silent aboutthe useless waterlily,the dunnock’s nest in the hedgeback?Because I am fifty-six years oldmust I love, if I love at all,only ideas – not people but onlythe idea of people?Because there is work to do, to steadya world economicsand a part of the worst slumis the moon rising over it and eyes weeping andmouths laughing….For Alan, who I am proud to have as a mate; who would ALWAYS meet the man; and who – once he saw the moon (and heard the weeping and the laughter) – showed me where to look.Happy Birthday mate. I love you.
Donated by Robert Fordham
Can you tell us where your tree is so I can climb it and fall out.
Donated by Derek MacGillivray
Alan Happy Birthday!It’s a great pleasure living opposite you!From George and Heather
Donated by George and Heather Paul
What a blessing to have you among us for the past 60 years. May you last as long as a Scots Pine !Wilf & Irene
Donated by Wilf Schenk
For Alan with love and some words of Raymond Carver “And did you get what you wanted from this life, Even so? I did And what did you want? To call myself beloved And to feel myself beloved On the earth” Hugs from Clare
Donated by Clare Crombie
Happy 60th Alan. Have a great day. We must get together this year. (I might even fly up!!!) Lots of love.Ellie xxx and dB xxx
Donated by Ellen Morgan
Wishing you a happy 60th birthday. It is such a lovely idea to have trees planted for your birthday. I love trees and my cousin Alan. Best wishes, always, Mhairi xoxoxo
Donated by Mhairi Stewart
For a very dear friend.
Donated by David Low
Happy Birthday to a wonderful guy. Lots of love from Grizz.
Donated by Graham Quick
Alan, A pleasure to know you, A pleasure to be with. Happy Forest! Ian and Elaine x
Donated by Ian and Elaine James
What a wonderful Jock that man is!!In the stormiest times he can always find a silver lining and a cheeky smile.Bless him and that Jockette he loves SO much. Pete
Donated by Pete Sketchley
Happy Birthday Dearest Alan. Thank you for being such a wonderful brother and friend. Always great company. Always supportive, especially in hard times, and always able to find just the right thing to say. Thank you!Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of your grove as it grows and flourishes.Much love from Pam and Al.
Donated by Pam & Al MacKay
For Alan, our friend, companion and Playmate on many joyful occasions. Like the trees, Alan helps to make this planet a better place for us all.
Donated by Lynden and Ruth Jeffries
Being a friend of Alan’s and spending time with him are two of life’s greatest pleasures. Thank you and happy 60th! love Ade and Vicki
Donated by Adrian and Vicki Dudley
Donated by Alan Beevers