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Naturesave Insurance is a leading ethical and environmental insurance agency offering insurance policies for households, businesses and charities. Naturesave donates profits into its charity, The Naturesave Trust and also promotes sustainable development within the business community. The company also aims to create greater awareness within the Insurance industry about the long-term problems that the industry faces in ignoring the threat of climate change, pollution and environmental damage.


The Naturesave Grove began as a celebration for Naturesave’s long-standing clients who have insured their property with Naturesave for the past 10 years or more. A tree was planted for each of these clients, upon meeting that milestone.  Since April the 1st 2019 the policy has been expanded to a tree being planted for all new insurance policies issued by the company.


The Grove is funded by The Naturesave Trust, which, in turn, is directly funded from the premiums paid by Naturesave’s household clients.


Naturesave has a strong commitment to environmental and ethical issues and is delighted to assist in the conservation and expansion of our national, native woodland.

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66 trees
Donated by The Naturesave Trust
8 trees
Donated by The Naturesave Trust
13 trees
Donated by The Naturesave Trust
34 trees
From Nature Save Trust
65 trees
From Nature Save Trust
64 trees
From Naturesave Trust
37 trees
From Naturesave Trust
41 trees
Donated by Naturesave Insurance
26 trees
Donated by Naturesave
201 trees
Donations received from 2011 – 2015
Donated by Naturesave Insurance