Scottish Beasties

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Amazing creatures live alongside humans yet are rarely seen. On the odd occasion that they are, the sightings are quickly dismissed as 'must have been a squirrel' "¦ or "¦ 'an odd trick of the light'.

Incredibly, most of these beasties were known to our ancestors but, with the passage of time, they have been forgotten about or turned into fairytales.

However, by delving deeper into this world at you'll find answers to questions like 'Why do Hugmahush not like rabbits?', 'What's the problem with Bampots and broken Moons?' and 'How can you tell the difference between a Moortie and a stone?'

Scottish Beasties® wants children to enjoy the Great Outdoors and firing their imaginations is the best way of encouraging them to really look at Nature in all its glory.

Our brand stands for fun, education, conservation, innovation and quality - traits that we see mirrored in Trees for Life. That is why Scottish Beasties® is delighted to be helping them in their marvellous work to restore the Caledonian Forest as a thriving environment for all the species living there.


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