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Vegetarian Express was founded in 1987, and has since become the UK's premier specialist distributor of Vegetarian & Vegan products within the foodservice sector.

The purpose and aim of the business is to promote and cater for the continually growing trend for healthy eating, with a particular focus on healthy eating in the work place. We are also specialists in ethnic ingredients with an excellent reputation for our extensive range of high quality authentic products.

By 1992 the business had established itself as a unique core supplier to some of the major contract caterers in the corporate sector, particularly in the financial district of The City of London.

Since then our core business has grown to the extent that we supply all of the major contract caterers in the premium sector of the food service industry throughout the UK. We have also expanded to supply hotel chains, high street restaurants, schools, colleges and independent caterers.

As consumers desire for healthier lifestyles continues to increase, We forsee substantial potential for growth within our specialist area of healthy eating. This is in part driven by the value added services we can offer.

We have our own team of experienced chefs whose expertise with our specialist products enable them to offer advice on nutrition, menu planning and not least how to maximise profit potential and exceed your clients demands for exciting, innovative and healthy menus.

There is a lot more work to be done in promoting healthier lifestyles, and Vegetarian Express is at the forefront of this growth industry, with a very promising and prosperous future ahead.

William Matier

Vegetarian Express Ltd

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