The Probate Department Ltd.

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We are pleased to be helping to improve the future.

The Probate Department Ltd specialises in two areas:

1) Low cost help with probate and deeds of variation within England and Wales.

2) Our Legacy Trusts Department offers:

Legacy Protection Trustscan allow you to create a "family bank" which can look after the interests of your family for years to come. In fact a Legacy Protection Trust can carry on looking after your family, or favourite charity, for up to 125 years. That is what we call a legacy!

Other properties which can makeLegacy Protection Trustsexceptionally useful are theirasset protectionqualities. Let's say that you have put your home into Legacy Protection Trusts, and a few years later you forget to renew you car insurance and get blamed for an accident. The other person in the accident is disabled for life, and is awarded £2,500,000 damages. Few families could withstand that sort of loss, but at least with your home in Legacy Protection Trusts your family will still have somewhere to live!

Legacy Protection Trusts can be used in many other ways, and we'll be exploring some of these if you contact us. Of course, personal advice may throw up other opportunities: each of our Legacy Protection Trusts is personally tailored.

Legacy Protection Trusts andInheritance Tax

Legacy Protection Trusts can also betailored to be of advantage in Inheritance Tax Planning too.

Family Protection Trusts forFamily Defence

Your parents need Legacy Protection Trusts, your older children need them, and your younger children will benefit from them, as will their children and their childrens' children. And maybe another generation or two. Legacy Protection Trusts are worth far more than their cost, and if you are a home owner, youreallyneed to be talking to us. We make discuss it and come to agree that now is not the time to put Legacy Property Trusts into place. But we will give you a sound Legal Plan which will guide you and your family in their Legal Planning for decades to come.

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