A Walk on the Quiet Side

Roger Moulson

December 25 2014 onwards
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This grove is a reminder for Roger of past and, perhaps, future trips to Scotland where he loved walking with
the Top Men group, and me, on different occasions. It is also a reminder of our trips to Iona where there are sadly
not many trees now. It would be lovely to see a similar grove on Iona.

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With lots of love on your 73rd Birthday Dad/Grandpa!
Donated by Suzannah, Craig, Asher & Eli
4 new trees
Donated by Robin & Ann
Dear Dad
One tree each for your grove from Asher and Eli on your 71st Birthday!
We can't wait to visit your grove one day and see how your trees are growing!
Love from Suzannah and family xxx
Donated by Suzannah & family
Another two trees to go into Roger's grove.
With love and best wishes, Betty and John. x
Donated by Betty & John Cole
Happy 70th Birthday Roger!
Looking forward to celebrating it with you, friends and family.
Lots of love Sam, Marie and Joseph xxx
Donated by Sam, Marie & Joseph
This if for you and Jackie with my very best wishes for you birthdays.
With love, Christina
Donated by christina van melzen
Listen to nature in quietness - you will find its heart.
Happy 70th birthday, Roger!
PS, I finally finished your book 'What Flows Across the Glass'
- what longing, what wryness, what joy!
Thank you!
Donated by Anna Chang Wright
Happy 70th Birthday Grandpa!
We will come and visit your grove of trees in the future
and look for squirrels in the lovely forest.
Lots of love from Asher & Eli xxx
Donated by Asher & Eli Malcolm
Congratulations on reaching your landmark 70th birthday Birthday, Dad!
Imagine how tall your trees will have grown when they reach 70!
Enjoy your special day.
Love from Suzannah, Craig and boys xxx
Donated by Suzannah and Craig
Congratulations on your 70th birthday
with love from Bill, Denise, Mary and Graham
Donated by Bill and Denise Mahood, Graham and Mary Curtis
Fantastic idea, both from fond memories of previous holidays in Scotland,
but also for future trips to visit the grove.
Merry Christmas 2014 and a Happy New Year for 2015,
love Sam Marie & Joseph xxx
Donated by Sam, Marie and Joseph
Happy Christmas Dad!
What a wonderful idea - a special place for all to enjoy.
We look forward to visiting your grove one day and seeing all the trees.
Lots of love from all of us, always. xxxx
Donated by Suzannah, Craig, Asher & Eli Malcolm