Ken Dykes Memorial Grove

In memory of Ken Dykes, beloved husband,
father, grandfather and brother

1936 - 2015
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In memory of our dear and wonderful Ken. He loved the countryside, wildlife, Scotland – and trees!


“No tree has ever deliberately harmed a human being,

and yet for thousands of years man has used and abused the tree,

one of the largest and gentlest living things on earth.

We’ve built our homes, our ships and our furniture from mighty trees

that took many generations to mature.

We’ve sat in the leafy shade of a tree on a hot afternoon,

and sheltered beneath its boughs on a wet one.

Its branches have been used to stoke our fires in the cold months of winter,

its leaves and flowers picked to decorate and brighten our houses in spring.

All this and what is their reward?

All it takes is a little thought, a little time and a little respect and man could be enjoying the beauty and reaping the benefits of trees – and a host of other natural wonders – for centuries to come.”

From the book, 'Country Capers', by Ken Dykes – an autobiographical account of his childhood spent in the English countryside during and after the Second World War.

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Happy Birthday Dad. So thankful to have had you in our lives. Think about you every day, love you always. Penny, Rich, Millie and Izzy xxxx
Donated by Penny Bunting
Thinking of you today, as always. With all our love xxx 26th May 2016
Donated by Penny, Rich, Izzy and Millie
Happy 80th birthday to our dearest dad and grandad. 8 trees for 8 decades. We love you and think of you every day.
Penny, Rich, Izzy and Millie xxxxxxxx 27th April 2016
Donated by Penny Bunting
Ken was such a wonderful and loving man.
Donated by Ryana Dykes
Instead of sending Christmas cards in 2016 we have added trees to Dad's grove.
Miss you every day. Love you always. Nel, Rich, Izzy and Millie xxxx
Donated by Penny Bunting
In memory of a respected editor and fun-loving friend.
Donated by Carol Geddes
For Ken, trees, "he was a man who used to notice such things".
Donated by David Alexander
A mon Ami regrette.
Donated by Fatedest
In memory of our dear Ken…an amazing character, and an inspiration to us all.
Donated by Vicky and Tony Cooper and Family, Leicestershire
Beloved brother
Donated by Mrs Bernice Chaplin
A dear brother of a friend
Donated by Terry Lodge
Donated by Andy "Adge" Sully
With warm memories of Ken Dykes, whose deep love of the countryside will smile on these trees and live on through his wonderful ‘Country Capers’.
The Bunting family, Derbyshire.
Donated by Julie, Graham and family, Derbyshire
To Ken, A great bloke and dear friend for the last 40 years. Wished you'd been able to come to Australia. We'll miss you.
Donated by Laurie and Louise Jacob
Fond memories of a dear friend – the laughter, the silly puns and mutual appreciation of all things bright and beautiful…
Donated by Georgie Thorne
In memory of our dear and wonderful Ken. These trees will begin a grove that will grow and thrive – to celebrate Ken’s life for many years to come. Always in our hearts xxxx
Donated by Wendy, Penny, Tim, Rich, Hita, Izzy, Amy and Millie