Sundoor Spiritual Leadership Ark Grove

Members and their families and significant others of the Spiritual Leadership Ark

24 August 2015 continuing
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We are a group of trainees of Sundoor Spiritual Leadership course. We began our training with our teachers Stephen Mulhearn and Peggy Dylan in August 2015 at Lendrick Lodge at Brig o' Turk nd will continue until our graduation in 2017.

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We hope you grow as strong and tall as a Scoth Pine in the Caledonian Forest, Oliver. Much love and Slainte Mhath. Xxxxx
Donated by Oliver
Thank you so much for the gift of Peacock feathers. Stay healthy, Tayo. We love
Donated by Tayo Schwarz
Would you like a slice of pie??
Donated by Laurie
For all songs and your teaching. Much love
Donated by Maria
Jayne Chidgey-Clarke 50 th birthday tree. With much love xxx
Donated by Cathy Bauer
I would like to dedicate the first 6 trees to Lendrick Lodge and a tree each to Peggy Dylan and Stephen Mulhearn in honour of their unconditional love for us all and their dedication to our learning.
Donated by Cathy Bauer