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"Planting a tree is continuous charity"

Rajraji family - global, extended and full family.

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A place of peace and beauty to give blessings to the family and air to the world.

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Bless our house, our family and for our family 195th Birthday!
Eid – August 2019
Donated by Rajraji family
Happy 50th Birthday Sophie,
our very special sister and auntie.
Wishing you blessings, love, friendship, health and fulfillment.
Our love always, Andy, Lorna, Ellen & Annabel xxxx
Donated by Andy, Lorna, Ellen & Annabel
Dear Sophie, On the occasion of your 50th.
May The Almighty grant you good health and happiness, always.
Donated by Aneesa and family
For Ramadan 2019 – may Allah protect and guide us.
In loving memory of KHADIJA ALAHMAR
“There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world”
Donated by Rajraji family
For the birth of wonderful, extra, bonus baby – MOHAMMED NOUR RAJRAJI – Alhamdulilah.
May Allah bless and protect him. Ameen
Donated by I Rajraji
Happy Fathers day Imad – We love you!
A tree for each of us including baby bump – May Allah bless us all.
Ramadan Mubarak 2016.
Donated by Imad-din Rajraji