Runner's Retreat

Richard Talbot

25 December 2016 and beyond!
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This is the grove of Richard Talbot, climber, mountain runner and Alpine adventurer. Passionate about the outdoors and the wild places of our planet, this represents an opportunity to do something practical to help preserve those environments for future generations.

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Let’s cover the rest of Scotland… Happy Christmas!
Donated by Sarah, Glyn, Hannah & Eve
A festive purchase that will actually do some good….
Donated by Me
12 months on, and time for Runner’s Retreat to grow a little bigger! Happy Christmas with lots of love.
Donated by Sarah, Glyn, Hannah & Eve
Sorry we cant be there for your birthday, hopefully some reforestation of the landscape is a suitable alternative to climbing and beer.
Donated by Chris and Gillian
Runners retreat looking a little sparse so in response to Mountaineering Scotland's apparent anti-tree comments this week I decided to purchase some native trees for your grove. Love Steph xxx
Donated by Steph Jones
Happy Christmas Rich; a grove is for life, not just for Christmas!

Love from Sarah, Glyn, Hannah & Eve

Donated by Sarah, Glyn, Hannah & Eve Turk