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1st Jan 2017
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A group of travel bloggers planting a few trees to offset our carbon footprint!

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Lot’s of flights again this year, so a few more trees to help make up for it!
Donated by Emily Luxton
A lot of flights this year, so time to plant some more trees in our lovely Blogger Grove!
Donated by Chloe Gunning - Wanderlust Chloe
A few more trees to make up for the 33 flights I took this year!
Donated by Emily Luxton
Sorry for all the flights I took this year… I hope this helps offset it a little!
Donated by Chloe Gunning - Wanderlust Chloe
New trees to help our planet !
Donated by Sophie- Ooh My World
One small step to offsetting the many flights taken 2015/16.
Donated by The Armits | Two Scots Abroad
This month I am giving 3 new trees to our grove ! The fourth one has been donated by my colleague Shona to help our little grove to become a forest !
Donated by Sophie - Ooh My World
Giving back some trees to our planet to make up for my plane trips in 2016 !
Donated by Sophie - Ooh My World
A couple more trees towards offsetting last year's 64 flights!
Donated by Emily Luxton
Donated by Emily Luxton