If love could have kept you here -
you would have lived forever

Tommy Dodds

20 July 1927 - 19 August 2016
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This grove is planted to celebrate the life of Tommy Dodds.
This webpage is open to all friends and family to share photos or memories of his place in their lives – wherever and whenever that was. Further trees can be planted at any time in the future in remembrance a man whose kindness and generosity of spirit meant so much to so many, and will never be forgotten.

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It's almost Christmas - will you be in heaven or here on earth in spirit spending it with us? Just in case we'll leave a space on the sofa as although we can't see you we know you'll be right there. You are SO missed and still SO loved xxx
In loving memory of a much-cherished father. Three years have passed since you were taken away and still you are missed every day. Love you dad xx
Your light shines on in our hearts where you live forever. Remembering you with love on your birthday and always xxx
Donated by Margaux & Liz
HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the most wonderful father.
Thank you for all the memories,
love and warmth you brought to my world.
Will miss you always but
you are forever in our thoughts and hearts.
Donated by Margaux & Liz
Although we can't see you this Christmas
We know you will be there
So there's a drink and a seat on the sofa waiting just for you Dad
To celebrate the love we share.

Always remembered, with love.
Donated by Margaux & Liz xx
They say time is a healer but your loss is felt as if it were yesterday.
Your absence has left a hole in our lives but
loving memories of you make me smile when times are hard.
Love you dad, always x
Dad, Keeping you close at heart and in memory on your birthday and always.
Miss you so very much, remembering you with love xxxx
One of my greatest blessings in life, the one that I call Dad.
Remembering a wonderful man with love.
Today and every day, we miss you xxx
Dad, whose presence is missed so much -
you live on in our hearts
"I'll always feel you close to me,
though you're out of sight
will search for you among the stars,
that shine on Christmas night"
Donated by Margaux and LIz
Tommy was one in a million and
we are so proud to remember him on this day. xx
Donated by Isobel and Duncan
19 August 2016 - a year has passed.
What a truly special person you were,
you are missed more than words can say. because he's now in heaven.
Love You xxxx
With love and the warmest memories of good times we shared on your special day. Miss you. xxxxxxx
Donated by His daughter Margaux & Liz
Remembering you on this Father's day -
your warmth of spirit,
guidance and love remain with me always.
Although I can no longer say it in person
I know you hear and are with me.
Love you dad xxxxxxx
Donated by his daughter
Dedicated to the memory of Tommy -
loving father, husband, brother, son and friend.
Thanks for the life of a special man -
dearly missed, always loved ,
and fondly remembered always.
Donated by Those who loved Tommy Dodds