In memory of Noel and Wendy McKenzie

Noel and Wendy McKenzie

Feb 2008 (Noel) and July 2017 (Wendy)
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A grove of trees in memory of Noel and Wendy McKenzie, who loved each other, their family and nature.

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Donated by Hatty
For Noel and Wendy, two people whose love and care for others was "indefinably special".
Donated by From Walter and Joy, and Jeremy and Doreen Lewis
In fond memories.
Donated by Bom Gurney
Our memories of Noel and Wendy are of two lovely, gentle, cultured, artistic people who were lovers of beauty and nature. This grove is a beautiful way to commemorate them and to honour their lives.
Donated by Alan, Max, Nicholas, James & Charlotte Ringwood
Jill spoke fondly of her time in London when she stayed with Wendy at her flat in Earls Court at Ma's Boarding House, and their time together at the Dominion Fellowship Trust where they met husbands.
Donated by Den, Cath, Ella, Annabelle, Ross
From your loving sister Jill and Brian.
Donated by Jill & Brian
Rest In Peace, our much-missed parents. We will always remember you with love and gratitude.
Donated by Gill, Graham and Brian McKenzie