Laura and Kostantis' wedding grove

Laura Shannon and Kostantis Kourmadias

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After twelve years together, we have chosen to marry. Instead of gifts, we invite our friends and family to
plant a tree in our wedding grove as a collective legacy to future generations.

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And so shall the love of your marriage spread as roots into the Earth, both nourishing and nourished.
Donated by Anne Hilker & Jan Carnahan
Herzlichen Glückwunsch – möge eure Verbindung euch aneinander wachsen lassen wie zwei Bäume…
Alle gute Wünsche für Wachsen und Gedeihen in Schönheit! Martina
Donated by Martina Donath
Laura and Kostantis – with love, thanks, and heartfelt good wishes for your continued journey together. Gillian and Andrew
Donated by Gillian Paschkes-Bell and Andrew Rivett
Belle suite de Vie à votre merveilleux duo! Vive les Mariés! Warmly congratulations! Lots of dancing love
Donated by Christophe, Anya and Gladys from Switzerland
May your connection be blessed and bear the fruit of life! As it does in this planting project and in your music, filling souls and feet with joy. Be each others shelter, as the trees are shelters.
Donated by Amaité
Donated by Jean Ando
Love to both of you from your American/Finnish family! We’re planting four trees for us and two more for Mom and Dad.
Donated by Leslie, Ismo, Otso and Ahti
What a wonderful wild idea! Much love and blessings Joan & Robin
Donated by Joan Wilmot and Robin Shohet
Laura and Kostantis, blessings on your life journey together and on this grove of trees!
Donated by Betsy Nuse & Gillian Sanderson
May Your love grow like the trees in this lovely grove: Deep-rooted in the heart of Mother Earth and growing upwards continously to the infinite skies!
Congratulations from our deepest hearts!
Donated by Viktoria & Thomas
Von Herzen wünsch ich Euch beiden viel Humor und Lebensfreude und über allem Gottes Segen. Möge die stete Lebenskraft durch Euch fliessen, Euch erfüllen und die gepflanzten Bäume zum Erblühen bringen.
Donated by Esther Nabholz
I wish you a blessed harvest of all good things possible and even impossible, and at the end of each day may Love always bring you back home to each other.
Donated by Molly Rose
Congratulations on your joyful wedding to you both. We send you Blessings on your continuing ongoing journey with much love from us both Lynne and Ros xxx
Donated by Lynne And Ros
I celebrate both of you and your marriage!
Donated by Emily Jarrett Hughes
Blessings on you and the Sacred Grove. What a wonderful idea to plant trees, they’ll be dancing in the wind and providing shelter for so much wild life! With much love, light and laughter!
Donated by martine winnington
Here’s to the future forest. May the wind in its branches sing of you.
Donated by Erik Bendix & Meredith Balgley
As Kate Wolf sings, “Give yourself to love, if love is what you’re after, open up your hearts to the tears and laughter and give yourself to love.”
Donated by Sheryl Ackerman & Pauline Bélanger
May you always be each other's Best Friends xxx
Donated by Debby Flavel
I bless you both from my heart and wish you joy, happiness and dancing love for your journey together.
Donated by Angela Lockwood
To Laura and Kostantis, with every good wish for your future happiness and wishing you peace, joy, hope and love. Yours in Kindness and Friendship, Shoshanna xxx
Donated by Shoshanna Palmer
Trees of Life for your eternal love. Xx
Donated by Heleen and Ingeborg
Lots of love to you, in connection to Findhorn and Greece. May your life be blessed. Liane
Donated by Liane Borsdorf
Bless you both, bless your marriage, and all your projects.
Donated by Katherine Pierpoint
May your love grow like a strong tree with a mighty crown and with happy singing and dancing birds in it!
Donated by Hanna & Joachim Hohensinn
Wishing you a long and happy marriage and honouring the earth. Love xx
Donated by Laura Acebes García
Wishing you a beautiful, blessed, fulfilling marriage and partnership.
Donated by Johanna A-L
May this grove outlive you both by hundreds of years!!! Many blessings,
Donated by Philippe Sibaud
May your love be ever strong as the trees in this forrest.
Donated by Monika Klinger
warm congratulations , you've done it!
Donated by Beatrix Descamps
Blessings for you both wonderful beings and for our wonderful mother earth.
Donated by Arunga
1 tree for Laura, 1 for Kostantis, 1 for your marriage and 1 each for your Sacred gifts of music and dance. With lots of love for a wonderful wedding day and a rich fulfilling life together x x x
Donated by Joanna L
Love and blessings to you both – and to your wedding grove.
Donated by Janet and Mary Lou
Blessings to you both, and your marriage.
Donated by Karin Männer
May the trees planted for you bring you fresh air, blessings from the wind and guidance by the spirit of the trees.
Donated by Beate Frey
Wishing you both lots of love, music, dances and happiness!
Donated by Graciete Teixeira
Blessings to you both, and your marriage.
Donated by Guy Riggs
Wishing you – and the trees – a lifetime of happiness together!
Donated by Caroline and Frank Kennedy
One tree for Laura, one for Konstnatic and one for the lovable and lasting connection!
Donated by Declan Kennedy
In celebration of our wedding!
Donated by Laura Shannon and Kostantis Kourmadias