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1st November 1990
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Office interior design and furniture has long been associated with the use of wood. On this page the leading Scottish commercial interiors company shows it’s commitment continual improvement of our Environmental Management System.

The name of Beech wood is strongly embedded in our company name. The hard, pale and fine-grained timber is traditionally used in worktops and is not a native tree in Scotland. The Beech is classified as a native in the south of England (although not native to the British Isles) and as a non-native in the north where it is often removed from ‘native’ woods. As an interior design, office fit-out and furniture company we encourage the use of responsibly sourced timber and timber products. Apart from the professional use of wood, we all love the great Scottish outdoors for walking, running and relaxation outside office hours.

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280 trees
"Caring for employees. Supporting communities. Doing Business responsibly." Is key for global electronics manufacturer Plexus in Bathgate. Their new office space of 21,528 SqFt, equates to 280 trees! Plexus%20certificate_amos_beech_14.jpg
Donated by Amos Beech
28 trees
Tours by Locals provide guides for the more independent and adventurous style of traveler. Now their new 2153 SqFt offices in Glasgow gives their clients an extra 28 trees to enjoy in The Highlands! certificate_amos_beech_13.jpg
Donated by Amos Beech
24 trees
MNM Developments believes in high standard of workmanship and environmental excellence in the homes they build. Now they are enjoying their new offices and future generations will enjoy 24 new trees! certificate_amos_beech_12.jpg
Donated by Amos Beech
98 trees
Online tyre retailer embarked on an office relocation and fit-out project and are now in their new offices at Tanfield, Edinburgh. Their 7545 SqFt of office space equates to 98 trees!
Donated by Donated by Amos Beech
80 trees
Axon Cable had their offices refurbished and re-furnished. Their 6146 Sq Ft office space now equates to 80 new trees to be planted in the Caledonian forest! certificate_amos_beech_10.jpg
Donated by Amos Beech
42 trees
Scotland Food and Drink moved into their new 3200 SqFt office in Edinburgh and continues to make Scotland's Food & Drink industry, an example of responsible, sustainable and profitable growth. certificate_amos_beech_09.jpg
Donated by Amos Beech
117 trees
Mackenzie School of English moved to new premises over three floors in a traditional sandstone church building in Leith. Amos Beech donated enough trees to be planted to match their 9000 SqFt space. certificate_amos_beech_08.jpg
Donated by Amos Beech
46 trees
CitNOW a provider of video services for the automotive industry have just moved into their new offices in Stirling. Amos Beech donated enough trees to be planted to match their 3500 SqFt office space. certificate_amos_beech_07-2.jpg
Donated by Amos Beech
10 trees
One of our drivers frightened other road users by slewing off the slip road and going straight across to the outside lane on the A9 at Stirling. He apologised but felt he had to do more. Amos%20Beech%20van.jpg
Donated by Amos Beech
1 tree
Donated by Kit-Har McLaughlin
2 trees
Donated by Carolynn Cruickshank-Gray
3 trees
Donated by Kit-Har McLaughlin
2 trees
Donated by Lesley McKerral
10 trees
Donated by Iris Media
1 tree
Donated by Vincent Hartman
8 trees
Donated by Amos Beech