Clan Speedie Grove

For anyone and everyone who somehow belongs to the Speedie Clan

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For our growing Speedie Clan… likewise growing our grove, one tree at a time.

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LJ carbon offset – business class flight London-J’bug-Pemba return (at 4 trees/tonne for 2.8 tonnes CO2)
Donated by Louise Johnson
Happy birthday dear Guy, here are some trees for you to enjoy xx
Donated by Frances & Andrew
A tree for the addition of Andrew to the Speedie clan following the wonderful wedding! x
Donated by Andrew Weir & Frances Weir
To celebrate the wedding of Frances and Andrew, and the joining of the Speedie/Weir clans. Also sending a rose to Marina to plant at Rodinghead to mark your new beginning together.
Lots of love xxxx
Donated by Lou & Colin
More trees please!
Donated by Frances & Andrew
A tree from each of us for Christmas 2017 xxx
Donated by Guy, Rebecca, and Conrad
Getting the grove started xx
Donated by Colin & Lou Speedie