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Those who love her...

A celebration of her life, 20/7/1930 - 20/7/2017, a perfect circle.
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Nancy brought and maintained life through her family and through her garden which was a yearly attraction for all who knew her. She also passed this enthusiasm on to her daughter Alison who is also in spirit world with her. They are no doubt creating even more beautiful gardens there…..let us enjoy a continuation of their spirit and passion in this grove.

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Happy you day!! <3
Donated by Ali, Frankie, Liesl and Heather
Keep up the good work…
Donated by Prashant
Continuing to build life one tree at a time
Donated by Alison, Liesl and Frankie
Happy 1st year of the next cycle….I celebrated you today by the lake with bright thoughts 💛
Donated by Alison Turriff
Donated by Alison Turriff