For all my customers who shop small to make a difference, this grove will also make a difference, thanks so much!

The Curious Pancake

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As a small business, I often feel that my hands are tied in terms of making environmentally sound choices. Although our funds are not huge, I believe that every business can (and should) positively influence how we treat our Earth. Planting this grove is my way of giving back and investing in something awesome for our gorgeous planet.

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7 trees
More trees makes me happy!
Donated by Pancake Clur
2 trees
Happy birthday!
Donated by Jess and Chris
1 tree
1 tree
I really wanted to add a wee tree to Pancake Forest. Love this idea. Happy Birthday / Christmas and all that bollox! Xxx
Donated by Lisa Davy
1 tree
Birthday wishes Tree... May all yours come true xx
Donated by Love from Karin x
1 tree
Happy birthday to my bestest friend I the whole wide world! Long may the grove flourish!
Donated by Alibob
2 trees
Happy birthday to our favourite pancake! Xx
Donated by Katy and Paul
1 tree
I love treeeeees!! 🌳
Donated by Claire Senior
2 trees
To the beginnings of the Pancake forest! How yummy does that sound!?
Donated by Claire Senior