Helen Menzies's 50th Birthday Grove

Helen Menzies

1969 - 2019, 50 years on Planet Earth
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We friends and family of Helen Menzies, wonderful mum, loyal friend, lovely person, friend of the natural world,
and the famous tree-yoga woman, wish her a very happy 50th birthday!

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Donated by Eveline Ashmole
Donated by Eveline Ashmole
Happy birthday! Thanks for being a great friend through the years of motherhood. love Sarah
Donated by Sarah Hamer
Happy belated birthday Helen, but I guess it’s never too late to plant some trees🌳🌲!! Lots of love, Sarah, David, Georgia, Josh and Keir xxxxx
Donated by Sarah Gillanders
Very happy birthday and glorious to be sharing it with trees!
Donated by Harriet, Mark, Ben, Isaac, Reuben and Susanna
With love from Mandy P x
Donated by Mandy Purkiss
Happy birthday – what on earth are you holding in that photo?
Donated by Sue Garner
Happy birthday lovely Helen! Looking forward to celebrating with you soon.xxxx
Donated by Natalie
Tree Huggers of the world unite!! Happy Happy Tree Day Helen. With love and much gratitude for your loving friendship.
Om shanti
Andrea & the crew. Xx
Donated by Andrea
Happy birthday beautifull Helen!!
Donated by Maria
Happy birthday Helen – hope the next 50 years are just as much fun!
Donated by Ali and Eddie Clark
Dear Helen, Happy 50th Birthday!
Sending you trees and love, wishing you a wonderful day!
Donated by Eveline and Dominic
To a lady with the calm serenity of a majestic oak. Ok, a bit deep.
Happy Birthday, welcome to the Other Side
Donated by Nerina
Happy 50th dear woman.. love always Mandy Magpie xx🎻🎻🎻
Donated by Mandy and Martha
Happy birthday you beautiful being!!
May it be filled with love, laughter and light. Lots of love, Kim x
Donated by Kim LeManton
Happiest of BIG birthdays Helen!
Have a brilliant weekend away!
Love Emz, Martino, Louis & Oliver xxx
Donated by Les Napiers
Happy 50th Birthday Helen.
We hope you enjoy your trees and maybe we can share
a walk amongst them someday soon.
Lots of love, Trish and Yasmin x x
Donated by Trish and Yasmin Thornton
Happiest 50th celebration Helen!!! ✨🙏✨
Donated by Jo & Charlie Coley
Heres to another fantastic 50 years!
For you are the tree sailing with the wind
let your branches stretch and embrace the world
let your roots run deep, drinking life to the full
Happy Birthday!
Donated by George Bownie
Happy birthday
Donated by Nicola & Nigel
Woa Helen, I can’t believe you have joined in me the half a century club!
Many happy returns, have a great 50th year
and let’s go for a walk in the lovely Caledonian forest soon!
Loads of love, Mel xxx
Donated by Mel Rowe, Hazel and Megan
Happy birthday!!
Donated by Kathy, John, Ellen & Holly
Dear Helen
So happy to plant a tree in your Grove for your birthday.
What a great gift for a wonderful friend. Happy 50th Birthday!
Lots of love
Anna xx
Donated by Anna Howard
happy birthday beautiful! spreading joy with every asana ❤️💫
Donated by Harley Loudon
Happy half century Helen! I’ll be joining you this year too 😊.
I’m very happy to be contributing trees in celebration of your birthday.
Thank you for many years of valued friendship. �’�🙏🏻
Donated by Hilary Allen
Helen Happy Birthday and may you stand tall for years and years and years… Sx😘
Donated by Suzanne Fresson
Wishing you a very happy birthday 🌳🙂
Donated by Lucy Tate
Hey Skylark, have a flapping fantastic Birthday!
I’m sure that your tree grove will be enjoyed by all our feathered friends
and lil creatures too.
How lovely! Beakface x
Donated by Rosie robin and the Angels
The Clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness (quote:John Muir) Happy birthday lovely Helen 💚
Donated by Angela Repping
With love and thanks xx
Donated by Ellu
What a perfect idea for a present for Helen – long may the trees live!!
Donated by Lindsay - oldest school friend of Helen :)
Happy birthday Helen!
We hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy knowing that there are now more trees out there to hug!
Lots of love from the Gurneys xxxx
Donated by Layla and John
Happy Birthday, dear Helen! And may your lovely trees flourish.
Wishing you lots and lots of love, dear wise yogic one.
We must meet soon to toast those trees xxx
Donated by Beth Clarke
That tree planting is a lovely idea and I wish you a great birthday anyhow.
Donated by Nick vafeiopoulos
Happy 50 th Helen! We love family walks in woods with you! Xx
Donated by Lucy, Matt, Rosie, Benjamin, Daphne and Elsa
To Helen/mum. Happy Birthday! All our love. Ya fam XXXX
Donated by Martin, Rosie, Hana and Tarn