World Interfaith Harmony Grove

To all those working for Interfaith harmony and to promote sustainability on our precious planet

Dedicated on the 20th Anniversary of the founding of Interfaith Scotland
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Faith communities, secular groups, scientists and governments all agree that we are facing a climate emergency.
Interfaith Scotland hopes that by planting trees together, and encouraging our friends in Scotland and across the
world to plant trees with us, we will be acting together to help preserve our precious planet.

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9 trees
Donated by Christina Aston
1 tree
Remembering the work of the Council of Christians and Jews and its commitment to peace and dialogue
Donated by Council of Christians and Jews
60 trees
Remembering the work of the Council of Christians and Jews and its commitment to peace and dialogue
Donated by Council of Christians and Jews
4 trees
Donated by in thanksgiving for 60 years of devoted service as a Sister of Notre Dame by Sr Maire Gallagher
8 trees
Some trees to balance our wee family holiday...
Donated by Tom and Harry
1 tree
In Loving memory of James Scott Robson, Musician & Spiritualist Healer,
I wont say Rest in Peace but rather Rock in Paradise!!
love you dad xx
Donated by Coral Ryder CSNU
2 trees
For my great grandchildren Miller and Robbie.
Donated by Margaret Myles
5 trees
Donated for our dear friend Susan Downend (Scooby)
who passed away recently -
May her soul blossom in all the worlds of God
Donated by Nik and Maureen Sier
3 trees
We pray for harmony and peace between the world’s religions
and many, many more groves across the world
as we all fight to put right the errors of human greed
and their power impact on the climate.
Donated by Lanarkshire Trinity Pastorate, The United Reformed Church
10 trees
Quote of Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him)
'The earth is green and beautiful and God has appointed you His stewards over it'.

For more info, please email
Donated by Friday Sisters Circle
4 trees
To help make the world a better place
for my two beautiful girls,
Jasmine and Willow.
Donated by Zoe
3 trees
Donated by Ruta Sinclair
10 trees
“It is Allah who made for you the earth a place of settlement and the sky a ceiling...” Quran 40:64 Deforestation is destroying that protective ceiling. Time to repair it.
Donated by Frida
2 trees
Plant a tree for humanity - 'Harry'
Donated by Tom and Harry
1 tree
A 1 year old uniting the world and making it greener
Donated by Aurora
9 trees
In commemoration of the Martyrdom of the Bab ‘Hath any age witnessed such momentous happenings'
Donated by From some of the Bahai's friends in Glasgow
4 trees
Donated by Harriet Crabtree
4 trees
“To plant a garden is to believe in the tomorrow.” Audrey Hepburn
Donated by W & M Hinchliffe
12 trees
Twelve trees for the twelve divinely appointed Imams
from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

'Man is either your Brother in Faith, or your Equal in Humanity.' -
Imām ʿAlī b. Abī Ṭālib (a)
Donated by Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society (SABS)
19 trees
19 trees to commemorate the 19 Letters of the Living
who ushered in a new era of the Oneness of humanity.
Donated by Dazzling Spark Arts Foundation
12 trees
The members of Faiths Together are delighted
to support this wonderful venture.
Donated by Skye & Lochalsh Faiths Together
2 trees
Donated by Ashley Beck
2 trees
Donated for my 2 grandsons,
Caelan David Aquila Cabemaiwasa and
James Joseph Tiko Cabemaiwasa
Donated by Adi Tikoduadua
10 trees
Working together to make a difference
Donated by East Dunbartonshire Baha'i Community
1 tree
Ye are the fruits of one tree,
and the leaves of one branch.
Deal ye one with another with the utmost love and harmony,
with friendliness and fellowship.
Donated by Bahai's of Dundee
5 trees
To assist our ecosystem for generations to come
Donated by Janet Rodrtiguez
5 trees
Planted on the 30th Anniversary of Sikh Sanjog
'All creation has the same origin and end,
Humans must have consciousness of their place in creation
and their relationship with the rest of creation
Donated by Sikh Sanjog
4 trees
Faith, Hope, and Love are the only way to Grow and Succeed in being truly Human.
Donated by jimthevic
18 trees
Planted on the 20th Anniversary of the founding of Interfaith Scotland
Donated by Interfaith Scotland