Buddhists for Climate Action

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Buddhist Action Month is a time for taking your practice off the cushion and into the world.
It’s a time for reflecting on the form our compassion takes, for celebrating what we are
already doing and for asking ourselves to do more.
The theme for 2019 is Climate Action – Personal Action.
This grove is to support anyone of any faith to take personal action to offset carbon emissions, now!

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For all beings
Donated by Newbury Chan Group (Berkshire)
Dana from our mediation for mother earth event
Donated by Amida Mandala Buddhist Temple
Donated by Annie
With metta for all beings, past, present and future xxx
Donated by Claire Martin
Beautiful idea for BAM Amitashuri…
May many trees be planted and may they thrive! X
Donated by Emma Palmer
What a great initiative.
Donated by Stuart Stoter
Dear Amitasuri,
here is a little donation in memory of your mother,
Margaret. xx M
Donated by Munisha
Wonderful idea Amitasuri!
Happy to think of these trees getting planted…
Donated by Satya Robyn
Taking personal action to offset my carbon emissions,
support ease for others to do it too,
and create a grove with an organisation involved in “rewilding”,
so that everyone and everything benefits.
Donated by Amitashuri Yule