Jacqueline & Edward

This grove is dedicated to all who buy our handmade ethical wedding rings.

Family business, established 2014
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Forests, rivers and mountains are synonymous with Jacqueline & Edward. Our groves helps to re-establish native flora and fauna in one of our favourite parts of the United Kingdom. This grove is also our way of contributing to reversing climate change by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Put simply, it is an earnest nod of respect to the natural world which makes our business possible.



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1 tree
Dedicated to Simon and Michelle
1 tree
1 tree
Sparkles from Hannah and Carl
1 tree
Dedicated to Josephine
1 tree
Donated by Raquel Charles and Tim Charles
1 tree
Donated by Katsuji Tanaka
1 tree
Donated by Rogue
1 tree
Donated by Theodore Bay O’Hanlon
1 tree
Donated by Mark Bell
3 trees
Our first trees are dedicated to the core of Jacqueline & Edward: My wife, our two young children, my father and me.
From small acorns, mighty oaks grow.
Donated by Mark Bell, Jacqueline Bell, Willow Bell, Summer Bell and Eddy Bell