Happy 70th birthday to
Elizabeth Shuna Duncan Mulholland's celebration grove
6th May 2009

Happy 70th birthday to Elizabeth Shuna Duncan Mulholland grove

Elizabeth Shuna Duncan Mulholland - Family & Friends Grove

"All people are the same as they are different" (ESM)

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6th May 2009

With much love from your husband, children & grandchildren

Donated by Michael, Tanya, Sean, Tiegan & Sami, Andrew & Millie, Mike, Lucy, Thomas & Hannah, Tony and Vilma

Donated by Tanya MacRae, Lucia, Gillian, Trip and baby Jack, Tracy, Jean and Donald, Malcolm and Christina

Donated by Hyechong, Bob and the many Toys, Jim, Michael & Michele, those in Lewes, Brighton and Paris,

Donated by Alexandra, Christopher, Maria and Gerald, Helen & Justin, Jill and Bob, Alex, Libby Shaw,

Donated by Jean Packham, Robert and Jim, Anne and George Baker, Guy and Dorothea Huntrods, Helga,

Donated by Mima and Catherine, Philip and Anne Cutler, Edward and Jennifer, Molly and Peter

Donated by Ann and Marcus Rogers, Joe and Debbie, Richard, Judy, Rebecca and Tim Sadleir, Ian, Mary and Family

Donated by your relatives in the southern hemisphere, Diana, Maureen, Robbie, Tom and Laura, Jenny and Mark

Donated by Margarita Renwick and family, Rosemary Coburn, Tim and Prue, Bridget Woods, Charles, Celia, Toby

Donated by Jolyon and all the family, Bridget Lewis, Dave Clare William and Katherine, A covey of Copes,

Donated by Barbara, John Duncan, Jane, Penny, George and Katriona xxxx, Jan, John and Joanie Mackenzie

Donated by Gerad Deaney, Sylvia and Brian, Julian and Sylvia, Diana and Jim McClure, Sue Jennings, Judy,

Donated by Graham, Michael and Jamie, Peter Goodwin, Mariolina, Toby Newcomb, Steve Page,

Donated by Jane Fovargue, Vera & David Fricker, and Roy and Juliana

Happy Birthday Granny! Michael, Tanya, Sean, Tiegan & Sami, Andrew & Millie, Mike, Lucy, Thomas & Hannah xxxx Dear Shuna, Many many happy returns on the day. Wonder how many birds will nest in our 4 trees? With all our love, Tony and Vilma For a very special Mrs M, Mum & Granny xxx With much love to my British Mum and twin! Happy Birthday! Lucia xxx

Dear Shuna Happy Birthday! With love from Gillian, Trip and baby Jack Dear Mrs M I hope one day another little girl will enjoy playing hide and seek among your trees! Love Tracy x Dear Shuna Best wishes for a very happy birthday With much love from Jean and Donald xx Dear Shuna Many happy returns on this special birthday Malcolm & Cristina With love and fond memories from Hyechong, Bob and the many Toys! For Shuna, whose roots have grown deep and whose branches wide, while her crown remains as graceful as a Scottish May morning. Love - Jim

Dear Shuna, A very happy big birthday and many more to come. Love and congratulations from Michael & Michele Happy Birthday Shuna love from those in Lewes, Brighton and Paris Dear Shuna, Happy Birthday from Alexandra, Christopher, Maria and Gerald. Love from all. Dear Shuna Wishing you all the very best on your birthday and for many happy returns, with love, Helen & Justin Happy 70th birthday Shuna May the sun always shine on your trees Love from Jill & Bob xx Welcome to the club! Alex Happy Birthday Much love from Robert and Jim Best wishes on your 70th birthday. From Anne and George Baker With love and best wishes for a special birthday. From Guy and Dorothea Huntrods With best wishes and much love from Helga, Mima and Catherine Congratulations With best wishes from Philip and Anne Cutler To our dear friend Shuna, from Edward and Jennifer

With our love and best wishes on your 70th birthday. Molly and Peter With best wishes for your 70th birthday. Ann and Marcus Rogers To wish you a very Happy Birthday. This donation is a tribute to yourself and we hope that you will gain much pleasure knowing that the Caledonian forest is being restored. With love from Joe and Debbie. Dear Shuna, Happy Birthday and Love from Richard, Judy, Rebecca and Tim Sadleir. Happy Birthday Shuna, I hope these trees will help offset some of the carbon from our school runs! With much love from Ian, Mary and Family. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, with much love, from your relatives in the southern hemisphere,Diana,Maureen,Robbie, Tom and Laura, Jenny and Mark With our wishes for a very, very happy birthday, Love Margarita Renwick and family Happy Birthday Shuna. Love from Rosemary Very best wishes. With love from Tim and Prue With fondest love from Bridget Woods Happy Birthday, Shuna. With our love and best wishes from Charles, Celia, Toby, Jolyon and all the family.

Out of inspiration, time, space - something coming later (in Daily Mail maybe!!!) Happy Birthday Shuna. All our love from Dave Clare William and Katherine Happy Birthday, Shuna , many happy returns and welcome to our decade. Have a very special day! Lots of love from a covey of Copes. Happy Birthday, Shuna. May the trees grow strong and tall. Much love. Barbara Congratulations,Shuna, on your 70th Birthday. Much love Jane, Penny, George and Katriona xxxx A very happy birthday and hope you and I will look down from above sometime in the distant future and see a spectacular wood growing, lots and lots of love, Jan A very happy bithday Shuna, with a lot of love from John and Joanie Mackenzie. Congratulations, Gerard Manny happy returns and I hope to visit the forest in the future All (belated) best wishes for a very happy 70th birthday, Shuna, and many, many thanks to you & Mike for your friendship over the last 27 years. Much love from Julian & Sylvia To my dear friends Shuna. Congratulations on your 70th Birthday. With much love Sue Jennings Dearest Shuna You are a very special person and we send you much love for your birthday. It is always a pleasure to see you when you come up to Scotland and we hope you will come and see us again soon. Hugs and kisses Judy, Graham, Michael and Jamie Best wishes for a very happy special birthday. With best wishes from Peter With love and best wishes for a special birthday from an Italian that loves Scotland, Mariolina A somewhat belated happy birthday, Shuna! Many thanks for your true friendship over the years and of particularly fond memories of our time together in the Hermit Kingdom! Love Steve. With admiration and affection. Roy and Juliana

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Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Happy 70th birthday to
Elizabeth Shuna Duncan Mulholland's grove
Trees in this grove: 267

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