The Caddell /Corbett Family Grove's celebration grove
Family Celebration Weekend 6/7 September, 2008

The Caddell /Corbett Family Grove grove

This grove is planted for Isla and Caitlin Corbett. 2008 is a special year for the Caddells and Corbetts. Marilyn and Frank celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary (5th October), and Kenny and Catriona their 8th (15th July). Frank hit 65 and retired for the third time, Kenny will be 40 and Isla and Caitlin will spend their 5th and 1st birthdays (20th and 15th August) in Scotland. This grove will be their special part of Scotland to visit in future years.

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26th March 2008

May you always enjoy this little bit of Scotland that you own, and may Scotland always own a little part of you. Best wishes to all. Neil and Marion MacDonald. Delighted to contribute to the happy occasions and hope the girls return to Scotland as often as possible - Sam & Ellen Wyllie May the girls always enjoy their trips back to Scotland - Scott & Loris Ledingham What a wonderful idea this is - delighted to contribute to this celebration of life and history. Congratulations to all. Isla and Caitlin, We hope you enjoy your very own bit of Scotland, and that you manage to visit frequently. Lots of Love Alan, Noreen, Luke and Anja Crombie. What a wonderful idea. Here's to marriage and Happy Families all the very best, Des looking forward to meeting you Isla and Caitlin, love from Helen, Eva and Calan Chong With very best wishes to you all; I am sure Isla and Caitlin will enjoy visiting their trees. Bill and Jennifer Wotherspoon Great idea - each time the girls visit the trees they will be a bit older and the trees will be a bit bigger! Looking forward to the ceilidh. Derek Chan Watching your own grove grow - another great reason to return to Scotland time and again! Clive and Jo Looking forward to meeting you this weekend, you are two very special girls and I'm glad you will always belong partly to Scotland. Love from Sylvia xx Great Idea and great carbon offset. Stewart and Catherine It is a lovely idea to dedicate a small part of our beautiful country to Isla and Caitlin and we hope that having a little bit of woodland to call their own will bring them back home to Scotland many, many times in the years to come. We are so sorry we will miss the party as we are on holiday. Roy and Sylvia Russell What a great idea! Many thanks for a lovely night at New Lanark. Love Paul & Karen - Kpnuts With our best wishes for your family celebration. Millar and Moira A great way to keep your roots in Scotland. Martin & Elspeth Caitlin, Isla: Ignore what anyone else tells you - the big, shapely cluster of trees right in the middle are the ones we grew for you. Hope you have many happy visits to your own wee, living bit of Scotland for years to come. Lots of Love Corri & Joe. Hoping that you enjoy all of your various celebrations this year, and that Isla and Caitlin will enjoy the grove in the future. Best Wishes David Congratulations to you all. hope you have a wonderful party! lots of love from Gillian Bradburn From Ben and Charlie, Gavin and Karen - great idea and there for years to come! A wonderful idea! A little wood has been created in Elmsett (Elmsett Greenlife Grove Scheme) and we hope to add a tree there as a reminder of the three very happy years the Caddells spent here. Perhaps one day Isla and Caitlin will visit there, too. Congratulations on all the celebrations. Rosemary, Jon, Tim and Mel - the Tricker clan! So happy to be able to celebrate this special occasion by contributing to what is such a splendid and 'well thought out' project.Best wishes. Phyllis and Kevan. Great ideas like trees start from little ones and grow big and strong just like Isla and Catlin will do Best wishes from Alistair and Margaret Mackintosh I hope Scotland will always be in your hearts! Michelle We are honoured to be part of your family celebration and think this is a fantastic charity. It will be a place to raise the standard (and a glass!) to the CORDELL CLAN for generations to come. We hope to see you back in your heartland for many years to come. All the Very Best to you ALL. John and Anne xxxx What a wonderful idea! We are delighted to celebrate these many happy events with you, and beautify Scotland for others at the same time! Norma and Marshall. For my lovely granddaughters From Gran Francis. Great idea. Sorry we were unable to join in the celebrations. Tom & Linda What a lovely idea and many thanks for a wonderful night. Hope you enjoy many visits to your trees. Stuart, Amanda, Alex & Holly sorry, we are a bit late - was great to see you guys in september all our love rashid, kirsty, romey and flynn

Donated by Frank Caddell, Sandy & Su Grierson, Neil and Marion MacDonald, Sam and Ellen Wyllie, Scott & Loris Ledingham, Margaret McLean, Alan, Noreen, Luke and Anja Crombie, Ian and Mag Hodge, Des, Mark J Wyllie, Helen, Eva and Calan Chong,Bill and Jennifer

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
The Caddell /Corbett Family Grove's grove
Trees in this grove: 271

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