Dr Andy Dewar's memorial grove

Dr Andy Dewar grove

Dr Andrew Kinley Dewar, AKD, Andy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandad, born St Andrews 17/2/33, died Cheltenham General Hospital 1/1/08. He was a man of many parts: a confident thespian, an accomplished bag-piper, a fearsome flanker for St Andrews University in his time, and a distinguished senior anaesthetist. He played a leading role in establishing modern day intensive care at Southampton as head of the unit from 1969 - 1983. As his family we may never know how many lives he saved directly or indirectly, but he was known to be dedicated to his patients and their care and many colleagues described him as a role model; such was his commitment to the training and development of the younger generation of doctors coming through the ranks. His passion for the oval ball game never diminished, nor did his unswerving support for his beloved Scotland. He loved being outdoors, and was never happier than when he was in his garden; but also enjoyed his sailing, cycling, walking (when his back allowed) and even managed a stint as a medical cover for Southampton FC. He had 3 boys each with 3 children, and was furiously proud of all their achievements; however modest they might have been in comparison to his own. He passed down his passion for high standards and integrity to all three, along with his irreverent humour and essential mistrust of anything too pompous or too establishment. In 1996 he was diagnosed with Lymphoma, but managed to beat the illness to enjoy a wonderful retirement in Gloucestershire. He was very fortunate to meet and marry Nicky Williams- heralding one of the happiest periods of his life, as they were devoted to each other. Characteristically, he put a tremendous amount of energy into his local community- as governor and chair of governors at the local primary school- as a Rotarian; and as a hospitable, friendly, larger than life character. Sadly, the lymphoma recurred, and after a short illness- fought with trademark strength and vigour- he passed away; leaving us with the happy memory of a life well lived and a father, grandfather, husband much loved.

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3rd March 2008

With love always, Robert, Ann, Dovid, Joshua and Liora Our thoughts are always with you. Much love Phyllis & Lionel Homburg

Donated by Robert, Ann, Dovid, Joshua and Liora, and Phyllis and Lionel Homburg.

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Dr Andy Dewar's grove
Trees in this grove: 28

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