Sarah Brazier and Ryan Gearing's wedding/partnership grove
26 October 2007

Sarah Brazier and Ryan Gearing grove

Ryan and Sarah welcome you to our "carbon neutral" event!

We are marking our wedding celebrations by setting up a wee tree plantation in Scotland supporting Trees for Life and hopefully making everyone a bit more carbon concious.

This small but positive environmental action will be (we hope) part of our legacy and help to reduce any inevitable carbon emissions generated by you lot celebrating with us!

All our friends and family are welcome to donate our grove - just 5 plants another tree.

Thanks and see you on the big day!

Ryan & Sarah xxx

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26th October 2007

We are absolutey delighted to share a part of your very special day - thank you. We all wish you both a very happy, healthy and long life together, and enjoy the start of it on the 26th! With love Alice, Jonathan, Nathaniel and Samuel xxxx Dear Sarah & Ryan Many congratulations and very best wishes on your wedding day. Graham and Christine Dear Ryan and Sarah Wishing you a perfect day and a very happy life together. With love and all our best wishes Helen and Nigel xxx Congratulations Ryan and Sarah, We think this is a wonderful idea and we hope that you will receive a forest for your wedding! With every good wish for the future to you both, Ian & Penny They chop down 100ft trees To make chairs I bought one I am six-foot one inch When I sit in the chair I'm four foot two. Did they really chop down a 100ft tree To make me look shorter? by Spike Milligan Congratulations on your wedding day With love, Dominic & Lindsay Sarah and Ryan Congratulations on your Wedding With our Love and Best Wishes Michael and Diana Hello, Thank you both for inviting me to your lovely day, you both looked fantastic, it was great!! Sorry to not have caught up with you both properly but maybe we can do that soon. love to you both and happy tree growing, Jon Hope you have a Fantastic Day! Hope to see you for a slice of cake! Mike & Steph Congratualtions on your big day. See you there! Great idea, can I have a log or two for my fire in a few years? Matt and Marketa Hi Sarah & Ryan, Apologies we couldn't make your evening reception for your wedding. Love the idea of it being carbon-neutral - obviously it meant we couldn't come as a small oil-field would have been needed to get my car to Lewes and back - but great idea anyway! Here is our little donation for some new trees for your grove! Best wishes for the future. Martyn & Su Amess From: Barnes & Claire Here is a tree for your lovely grove - we both think it is such a cool idea. (Is there a way of offsetting Leon's methane? We could kill a cow if you like.)

Donated by Alice, Jonathan, Nathaniel and Samuel, Graham and Christine, Helen and Nigel, Ian and Penny, Dominic and Lindsay, Michael and Diana, Jon, Mike and Steph, Matt and Marketa, Martyn & Su Amess, and Barnes and Clair.

Your grove of trees

The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Sarah Brazier and Ryan Gearing's grove
Trees in this grove: 59

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