A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
As-coron grove
A legacy in sap and trees of the literary world of Vertigen, by writer La Silhol and her readers

A legacy in sap and trees of the literary world of Vertigen, by writer La Silhol and her readers grove

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Angharad touched the ground, and stood up again.
She tightened the shawl around her shoulders and let her gaze drift through the barren hills.
"So changed, my country (she sighed)
So barren and wild..."
"Yes, answered the Cailleach, yes, daughter."
"Little Mother, I'm cold. Where are the woods we knew so well? What kind of times are these?"
"Time of steel" said the Spirit of Winter, with a clap of her tongue.
"How I wish... (she closed her eyes) how I wish I were in As-Coron again..." The wind went raucous, then silent.
"How I long to walk the woods again
In As-Coron,
In long lost hopes
Of Home
Though the birches
(yes, whispered the Cailleach)
Though the trees
The land of May
The bliss
In lost As-Coron.
The Cailleach smiled, her ancient face wild and free.
"Where beauty once stood", she said, "in As Coron, before the tides of time washed our blood away. Ah, daughter, yes, it would be such a joy, to walk these lanes with you again."
Finstern stepped forward, his face impatient.
" What use that endless talking? Drowning in nostalgia again, are you, both? Nonsense. Where beauty once stood, beauty lays in germ for all times. Where beauty was once, there's beauty still. Beauty is a forever thing."
Angharad smiled, watching him coming to a close. He picked something on the ground, opened her hand, and put a tiny hard seed on her palm.
"What kind of gardener are you? (but he was smiling) If you want a tree, you know how the thing is done. So, now. If you want As-Coron, sow it."
"Yes" she laughed "quite true".
The seed in her palm was already unfolding two radiant leaves.
"Quite the practical one, always, Finstern of mine. Bringing me back to myself. To the soil, and the brilliant trees. Let's sow As-Coron once more, yes. Let's do it together."
Once upon a time... Scotland gave to me the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. The ways of the fairies, the moonlight on the waters of Loch Awe.
On these days, a forest grew there. When my characters walked on this Earth, proud and free.
I'm a paper thing. Trees offer fodder for my thoughts. I print my dreams on them, and they pass on to you.
But all dreams must go home someday, don't you know it? Go back to the soil, and the sap. Trees become books, books must become trees. For the world demands it. Now more than ever.
Now is the time, or it will never come, to give back to the Highlands the fairy gift I was graced with. In each fairy gift, there is a trick, a trap, and all it's beauty reside in this.
I'm a thing of paper. And though... this thing Emily Dickinson spoke of, too : a feathered thing, a thing called hope.
The grove of As-Coron, is the legacy of the literary universe of Vertigen.
May each reader who once held Angharad dear step in, and dwell among the Trees.
And leave a trace, a seed, a hope behind.
And may those woods endure
When my voice is muted, and my words forgotten.
Plant a tree. Make my world come true.
Blessed be.
La Silhol.

Angharad frla le sol du bout des doigts, et se redressa.
Elle resserra le chle autour de ses paules et laissa son regard s'garer sur les collines dsoles.
Si change est ma terre (soupira-t-elle)
Si strile et sauvage...
- Oui, rpondit la Cailleach, oui, mon enfant.
- Petite Mre, j'ai froid. O sont les bois que nous connaissions si bien ? Quelle poque est celle-ci ?
- Une poque d'acier, dit l'Eprit de l'Hiver, avec un claquement de langue rprobateur.
- Comme je voudrais... (elle ferma les yeux) Comme je voudrais me trouver As-Coron nouveau...
Le vent se fit rauque. Puis se tut.
- Comme je voudrais marcher dans les bois nouveau
A As-Coron
Au cur des espoirs gars de jadis
Au cur de notre demeure
A travers les bouleaux
(oui, fit la Cailleach)
A travers les arbres
Le pays de mai
La paix
A nouveau
Dans mon As-Coron perdue...
La Cailleach sourit, son visage ancien libre et froce.
- L o vcut la beaut, dit-elle. A As-Coron, avant que les mares du temps n'emportent notre sang. Ah, ma fille, ce serait une telle joie, de suivre ces chemins avec toi nouveau.
Finstern s'avana, son expression impatiente.
- A quoi bon tout ces bavardages ? Vous vous noyez encore dans cette nostalgie, l'une comme l'autre ? Absurde. L o la beaut vcut ne serait-ce qu'un jour, la beaut vit toujours. La beaut ne relve que de l'ternit.
Angharad sourit, le regardant s'approcher ; Il se pencha pour ramasser quelque chose sur le sol, ouvrit sa main, et plaa une graine sur sa paume, petite et dure.
- Quel genre de jardinier es-tu ? Si tu veux un arbre, tu sais comment on fait. Alors ? Si tu veux As-Coron : plante-le.
- Oui, rit Angharad. Trs exact.
La graine, dans sa main ouverte, dpliait dj deux feuilles radieuses.
- Toujours l'esprit pratique, mon Finstern. Toujours me ramener moi-mme. A la terre, et la splendeur des arbres. Plantons As-Coron nouveau. Oui. Faisons-le ensemble.
Il tait une fois... L'Ecosse, qui m'a donn les Cours Seelie et Unseelie. Les voies des fes, et l'clat de la Lune sur les eaux du Loch Awe.
En d'autres temps, une fort poussait l. Aux temps o mes personnages parcouraient ce monde, fiers et libres.
Je suis un tre de papier. Les arbres donnent leur substance pour accoucher mes penses. J'imprime sur eux mes rves, et ils parviennent jusqu' vous.
Mais tous les rves doivent un jour rentrer chez eux, ne le savez-vous pas ? Retourner la terre et la sve. Car le monde en a besoin. A prsent plus que jamais.
C'est l'heure, ou jamais elle ne viendra, de rendre aux Highlands le cadeau de fe que j'ai reu. Dans chaque cadeau des fes il y a un tour, un pige, et c'est l toute la beaut de ces dons.
Je suis un tre de papier. Mais tout autant cette chose dont parla Emily Dickinson : une chose de plume, une chose nomme espoir.
Le bosquet d'As-Coron est le legs de l'univers littraire de Vertigen.
Puisse chaque lecteur qui aima un jour Angharad y entrer, et vivre parmi ses arbres.
Et laisser une trace, une graine, un espoir derrire lui.
Et puissent ces bois perdurer
Une fois ma voix teinte, et mes mots oublis.
Plantez un arbre. Faites de mon monde une ralit.
Un geste, une bndiction.

More about the As-Coron Grove (in French) : http://www.unseelie.net/as_coron.html
LS wants to thank:
The Silh-Gio clan,
the ML Vertigen, Les Moutons Electriques, publisher,
and Estelle Valls de Gomis
for the helping hands on this project.

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Donated by Floriane Schweitzer

16th December 2018

Donated by Floriane Schweitzer

11th January 2018

Continuer à honorer ma promesse, ma résolution - et ainsi continuer à honorer le monde.

Donated by Floriane Schweitzer

4th August 2017

For Opale, welcome into this world my little sunshine. May those trees look after you, my so Dear, and remind you forever how precious you are to me. Your mum, Audrey.

Donated by Audrey Vallabregue

10th November 2014

Donated by Floriane Schweitzer

14th July 2014

Pour la vie, l'art, mes 2 monstres-crevettes, pour Léa encore et toujours...

Donated by Maria Dos reis

14th May 2014

Donated by Floriane Schweitzer

12th May 2014

Donated by Floriane Schweitzer

11th April 2014

Donated by Floriane Schweitzer

11th March 2014

Another new trees.Because another life has returned to the Planet.

11th February 2014

8th January 2014

From now, till the future ages. Till the end of my life. One tree for every year I have lived. Slowly, softly. Like roots, deep into the earth. Like veins, deep under my skin.

Donated by Floriane Schweitzer

9th December 2013

Pour Pierre, Des racines pour t'ancrer en terre de rêve, Un arbre pour ton coeur de jardinier, Des feuilles pour ouvrir le chemin des possibles, De l'espoir pour avancer dans la beauté, De la lumière, pour célébrer ton anniversaire... Elenarn

Donated by Elena Hoyer

13th November 2013

For baby Esteban, To celebrate your coming into this world with an offering to Nature. For Sonia, May you walk in beauty.

Donated by elena hoyer

8th April 2013

Pour Léa, parce que... Maria

Donated by Maria DR

29th November 2012

For Anna, a special gift on a special day. May these trees live forever as a demonstration of my affection for you... Happy birthday! Audrey

Donated by Audrey Vallabregue

9th March 2011

From forest to forest, Fabienne

Donated by Fabienne Bernadou

29th November 2010

To Nicolas K., the love of my life. May we grow old together in this world...and in others. Love you. Helene M.

Donated by Melle helene mangeot

10th September 2010

For Nathalie:happy birthday! May you walk in beauty in all your travels...Here are some roots for your wings! And may the fairies dance around your tree for years to come. Elena

Donated by elena hoyer

5th March 2010

Donated by Helene Pedot

3rd January 2010

9th April 2007

For my father, this gift of seeds, this hope of leaves. And someday, the wind whispering in tall trees will tell of deeply-rooted love... Remember the first flowers ? Helene Pour qu'il dure toujours, que les anciens souhaits soient toujours exaucés. Pour ma forêt, pour Ygora A tree for my beautiful man For Lea, Morgana and Gabriel. With Love, your roots in my country... For the colours of Autumn, and the hope of spring. For all those departed, and for the friends yet to come... Helene (quand tu riais, je riais) Dana bless the day when you'll read that (if only...) Pour Emile et Mémé To Léa,blessings. To earth, and everything I can't do better. To my dad (will you understand ?) ... For Vincent! A tree growing in Scottland, so that you go on listening to the ancient voices...as you grow! With love, Elena For Lea, on a special day : these seeds as a blessing for the words, hopes and beauty you planted in your readers. Helene For all seeders, Frontiers musicians, Fay, webs and weavers. For my tribe, my family. And all others. And yes 'Let's sow As-Coron once more'. Arielle For all growing things... with hope Already one year, and the emotion still feels new... This one is for the trees. A special gift, of sap and seed, for Lady Sophie. Now, You have roots in Scotland ... Winter kisses, Audrey One seed for you, one for me and one for us. To help the earth and to root our love. Happy Birthday Pour les arbres, les livres, les histoires, Zowi et moi. May the Fairies of all the Forests on the world watch over you, so dear Evan ... One seed for You, one seed for My Sweet (I love you madly) and one seed for Life ... Audrey To the one who was, is and will stay so much more than my best friend I dedicate these trees. May their deep roots and their strong trunks support you during your life's storms. May their branches and their leaves hide your sun when it becomes too hot. May their sap be your blood, giving you faeries' immortality. May their spirits protect your mind, preserve your soul. These trees will live and grow through sweet springs and cold winters, through ages, for ever, as a sign of all the love you gave me. For our earth, for your heart...

A C., qui aurait aimé voir pousser cet arbre. To C., who would have loved to see this tree grow. J. For my father. 10 years gone. No more regrets, but it's so hard to live without you.. For my mother and my brother, you're everything to me guys. For Sabrina, Pauline, Yolande, Claire, Thom, Aurore, Lauriane. For Mother Earth. Hélène For hope For Alexandre, my "sweet heart" and so much more. Audeline. To my Magnificent Nine, either departed or still by me, and to Nature, so I can give back a bit of what I receive every day. Pour ceux qui y nicheront, mes étranges poumons, le futur et le reste. A mon ame soeur, à cette vie , aux antérieures et aux futures, à jamais mon coeur battera au son du tien. depuis toujours et à jamais Aube For all Humans, in particularly my sweet Julie : Because we were born from the ground and that we will go back one day, all of us. Gregory Giordano For my mother, who helped me plant my first tree, watched over us both as we grew, and took care of the tree when I went away. With love, Helene For people I loved, love and will love. For this Earth lost in universe : Trees, again, because they will be our saviours. & for being one of You when my end arrives... Pierre, SL. A mon grand Pim, à notre amitié nait d'un fou rire, tu m'es précieuse ma isa. Notre amitié prend maintenant racine en terre d'Ecosse oû que nous nous soyons sur le globe. A te revoir. Aube One tree for my dead ones, One for living ones, One for future ones. ....Memory and Hope. Pour rendre à la terre ce qui lui appartient. Para devolver a terra o que lhe pertence. To return to the earth what belongs to him. Love, M. For nothing but trees & fairies YM May these Trees whisper to you how you are precious to me ... Je t'aime. Audrey Thanks for giving me birth, you're my light, my strengh and my everything ... Love you Mum ! Audrey For Léa, a million of *forbidden words* ... Az' May the Trees bless your birth and protect you, dear Loane. Love / Audrey For Zo', my hidden twin : this blessing of the earth to celebrate the blessing of friendship. Helene Pour m'aider à respirer... Pour m'aider à rÍver ! Merci -William W- For sap and clay YM The Breath of Eole will with pleasure come to sing in the leaves of As-Coron and visit the diverse fairies having elected place of residence there. Some seeds in exchange for our pages. Some trees in offering to the Good People. Dedicated to my love, Reg. Chloé To Solenne Lady of the Swamp (hey hey) Happy birthday (i'm late... sorry) Fern & Willow Yannick For Gabriel. 8 ans ! Pour les anniversaires, les arbres sur le gateau... c'est mieux que des bougies ! :) happy birthday and love-love-love. The Silhol Clan. In memoriam - David Bensoussan - Andie Babil - in love always From the Gleizes-Farenc Family Encore des graines à As Coron. Parce que nous ne sommes pas des fées, parce que nous ne savons pas lire les arbres...Mais nous savons comment les faire pousser Thivanva A mes grand-parents, ceux qui sont au ciel comme celle qui demeure encore à terre. Pour leur héritage, celui qui coule dans mes veines, celui qu'ils ont transmis par leurs paroles et leurs actes. Quelques arbres, pour eux, qui demeurent mes racines. Lots of love. For my unknown tree. Breathing. Walking. Praying. For my unknwon love.

For hearth & home, dreams & hope. For all those who have left behind their own security and peace, to seek some new ways to save their brothers, to conquer freedom, to reach the Light. Specially, so for Angharad, Finstern and Lea.N. For Morgana-- 14 candles Je dèdie ce don à mes futurs enfants et à tous les enfants passès, prèsents à venir. Pour qu'ils puissent respirer sur Terre, pour que la Terre puisse respirer en exu. Fabienne. I dedicate this present to my future children, and to all past, present and future children. To permit them to breath on Earth, to permit Earth to breath into them. Fabienne. For my unknown but real Armenian family. With love. For us. For those which will follow me with all my hope.And for our Earth. Please Grow ! For the fay of Scotland… Dream is now reality, As Coron lives for *real* and not only in our hearts and souls ... May this grove become beautiful and strong for future generations and take part in the beauty of Scotland Highlands, day after day, year after year ... and forever ... I wish, one day, I could take a walk and lie in the midst of As Coron grove ...With love and faith,..Audrey / Az' It's a high emotion to participate to this project. Thank you Lea to invite us to walk softly under the trees of As-Coron. May the fervor of your art & heart help the sun to shine through some more leaves, on this blessed land that I've learned to love through your words. M.Y. To all Fallen: May they return. To the SilhGio Clan : May we see these trees one day. Ariel Pour Marie Lavaud : j'espère que c'est le cadeau d'anniv' le plus original et le plus engagé que t'aies jamais eu! Joyeuse vieillitude à toi, de la part de Nénène For my gnarled brothers, this friends of sap that I love, forever. Pierre, SL. For Jessica, my little sister, happy birthday to you sweetie ! I Love you ... Audrey From Elizabeth GENTELET french and fan reader of Lea Silhol. Hope this donation will help. For Eric To you, mother. Not dead. Never. For your smile until the end. From your daughter, with all my heart & soul...and so much things unsaid. I love you.Je t'aime.(may i feel your hand in mine, one day at the feet of this tree)-Anne.B For the peace, mother earth and Children. Maria Yesterday I planted a no for the sake of freedom in my country. Today, let a tree be planted in beautiful Scotland, and may this one grow and thrive. For all those who never give up. Helene For Greg. My own personal Declan. Some roots, sap and wood in your native soil? (at last?) Happy birthday luv'. / Lea/ For GaÎlle, my Princess, and Fanny, my sweet Queen. For the future, for all children ! Christophe Duchet A tree to thanks God. And to Earth. for a dream, for love, for life. Aube Pour qu'à tout jamais les rêves soient la sève de nos vies, Et l'amour l'encrage de nos actes. Aube Pour Terence et Allison. 2 arbres côte à côte (comme de juste):) -- de la part de la 'grande soeur' / love always / Léa. Pour toi, maman, qui m'a appris à connaître les fées et à aimer les arbres... tu me manques ! For the dream of a fay. One seed of life, and a whisper to the Earth. Grow little tree ! Thivanva Pour Max Memmi, mon père. Un arbre dans un bosquet féérique, au coeur de l'Ecosse. Pour que ton nom soit lié à jamais à cette Terre. Parce que les racines de l'amour sont éternelles. Je t'aime, Lilou. Pour la feeries. Que la magie soit. Rachel.

Donated by Antony Giordano, Silhol, Pedot Martine, Fabienne Bernadot, Sinanian Eva, Fournerie Clmence, Vallabrgue Audrey, Antony Giordano, Antony Giordano, Mangeot Hlne, Pierre Marionneau, GAROBY Jean-Renaud, Audrey Vallabregue, Gentelet Elizabeth, Jean-Renaud G

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
A legacy in sap and trees of the literary world of Vertigen, by writer La Silhol and her readers grove
Trees in this grove: 366

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