A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
The Birthday Grove in honour of
Gerard Butler from his fans around the world

Gerard Butler from his fans around the world grove

This page represents a birthday gift for Gerard Butler, the Scottish-born actor whose film credits include Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera, Dear Frankie, Beowulf and Grendel, and the blockbuster, 300, in which he plays King Leonidas of Sparta whose band of 300 elite warriors defended the pass of Thermopylae, Greece against insurmountable odds.

These donations made to Trees for Life are made by Gerry's fans to thank him in our small way for his dedication to his craft, the compassion and kindness he shows to his fans, and for the magical charisma he radiates that has changed the lives of so many of his admirers.

In our fashion, we would like to commemorate our appreciation and love for Gerry by planting trees in his name, in his native country that will help to renew our planet through the restoration of the Caledonian Forest.

Fans of Andrew Lloyd Webber's 2004 film,The Phantom of the Opera, may chose to donate to The Phantom's Phorest in honor of Gerard's role as The Phantom.

January 3rd, 2007: Gerard says, "I just heard about this Trees for Life. That is so cool! Restoring these Caledonian forests in Scotland which is, if you ask me, one of the biggest heartbreaks in the history of our country, is very imaginative and different and that you raised over $16,000 ... Congratulations to you guys!"

May 28th, 2007: Alan Watson Featherstone, Trees for Life's Executive Director "I'm deeply touched by the tremendous support of the fans
of Gerard Butler, who have donated trees for what is by far the biggest grove we've yet had sponsored in the Caledonian Forest. Well done and thank you to everybody."

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Julie Dowling donationHappy Birthday Gerry 2013

Donated by Julie Dowling

1st November 2013

Donated by Carel Long

12th April 2013

Donated by Julie Dowling

26th February 2013

In honor of Gerry's Birthday.

Donated by Sara Schwartz

12th November 2012

for Gerry-Continue to stay strong my friend! Always remember that no-one can ever ever take away all that you have accomplished. I truly appreciate you! Your Friend--Tammy

Donated by Tammy Cauffman

15th May 2012

All the best to you Gerry; be well and happy, love, Carel

Donated by Carel Long

2nd May 2012

These trees are dedicated to a dear friend and a special Lady, Deborah Ann Barnum from Chicago, for her birthday. Love Rose, Mum, Michael, Teresa and Keith.

Donated by Rosemarie Rounce

2nd May 2012

In honor of Gerard Butler.

Donated by Dorothy Mendenhall

9th April 2012

For Gerard Butler from Donna Jean and George Montalbano and Clan!

Donated by Donna Jean Montalbano

9th April 2012

This is dedicated to Gerry Butler for all the happiness that he gives his fans

What a wonderfully worthy cause, theres nothing more magnificent than a truly wild wood. I dedicate this gift to Gerry for his birthday. With the rebirth of the green woods comes the true spirit of the green man to bless the replenishment and new life created there.

I can at last give something back to the man who has linked us all.... Thank you Gerry for my friends at GB.Net and most especially, my sisters at Team ENGLAND! X


Thank you Gerard for all the joy and friendship you have brought into my life. Happy Birthday from Sue, Kidderminster, UK.

From the beautiful landscapes of Yorkshire - I gladly send a donation in honour of Gerard Butler - for trees planted in his name in his beloved Bonnie Scotland. Happy Birthday Gerry!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY thankyou for being a special human being and, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't of found some great friends (TEAM ENGLAND) LOVE VANESSA XXXX

I will celebrate your birthday and mine as we are both in november, cheers carol.

Happy Birthday Gerry. Being a fan of yours has introduced me to the best set of friends I could have ever found, Thank you. Proud to be a Brit tart.

Happy Birthday Gerry, the older you get the better you look, god help us when your 50!!!! Loves yer. Goth_Ldy (Mrs P J Lanceley-Lewis)

To Gerry, In celebration of a great actor, Wishing you a very happy birthday, Wishing you continued success. Love Helen Sharp Wishing Gerry a peaceful, all desires of his heart filled, beautiful birthday. Keep safe, happy and healthy, Gerry. YOu are in our hearts forever - Susan USA

Many happy returns, I'm very much looking forward to seeing the Grove. Elizbeth.

Happy Birthday Gerry. May they forest grow as tall as thee. Sunshine on it as warm as thy smile. My tears as rain its growth to start. Leaves whisper of thy voice to me. So in their shade let's lay a while. And tame at last my wild wild heart. Love always, Michelle x

To Gerard, Happy Birthday Big Boy and thank you for all the enjoyment you have given to us saucy over 18 limer-lickers. You made our fantasies unwind and we are forever grateful. Love Rose, kitty, smarty, dale, debbie, phloozie, maria, bonnie, elisa and all the girls.

Because our hearts are in the Highlands - Happy Birthday, Gerry! Pat and Joanna, Sunderland

Gerry, Wishing you love, luck and laughter on your birthday and for the year ahead. From Jo Martin, (jomar), Wiltshire, UK.

With all good wishes from patsyb's husband

To Gerry, Happy Birthday, I hope these trees grow as tall, strong and beautiful as you. From your kansas city girl, angelene.

In honour of Gerard James Butler. A man who speaks with his soul. Love Bonnie (bontoben)

Happy Birthday Gerard, You make us smile more than we have smiled, for quite a while. Thank you. These trees are dedicated to you, instead of christmas cards between us. Love rose and all her wonderful friends on gbnet. The phantom girls, the limerick girls, the beowulf girls and the british team england girls. You have the best fans anywhere. Always remember us, thats all we ask of you. xxxx

Just another little donation, in lieu of the Christmas cards I'm not buying this year! My friends think I am a humbug! I'd rather see a few more trees in your birthday grove! ;) From Jo Martin (jomar), Wiltshire, UK

Why we are doing this we do not know. But like your fame the trees will grow and grow. Our sister ROSE so fair and true is a loyal and loving fan of you. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERARD but please do not get in a lather, for I am in the business to and one day soon I will be cast to play your father !!! Teresa & Keith (Rosie's sister & brother- in law )

To Gerard, You came into our lives as a phantom And stayed in our hearts as a man. Love Rose

Happy birthday; thanks for all the wonderful movies with many many more to come. But please don't forget to make some little Indies with heart after you make the A list.


Happiest of birthdays to Gerry!!

Happy Birthday! To a talented Scot. May you continue to grow and flourish on your chosen path.

A very Happy Birthday Mr. Butler, I wish you a year filled with all things Rare and Beautiful and this poem by Robert Burns. It is in the standard English translation, with a slight change to the chorus.

Given in honor of Gerard Butler, from a grateful US fan. Happy Birthday, Gerry!

To Dear Gerry, In every person's life there are people who leave a mark. You have done that in mine. Thank you for the wonderful moments you have given me through your movies. Thank you for the wonderful moments you have given me through your movies. You are a beautiful sight to behold and so talented too. You are a beautiful sight to behold and so talented too. Happy Birthday. Have a fantastic life. Love always, Ila from New Zealand.

May your birthday tree grow big and strong for future generations to see.

Happy Birthday Gerry!!! May all your groves be forever green, for all you do and all that is uniquely you. Much love and and big tree hug, a forever fan.

For new beginings...

May the tree of life give you shelter, shade and comfort. Happy Birthday.

I dedicate the Tree of Life donation to my parents Francis and Rocco Cirelli

As my daughter and son-in-law are former forest rangers in the united states, I couldn't agree more that more work must be done for the highlands and other areas of the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to Gerry Butler who inspirtes us all to be better people.


Thank you Gerry for being you and especially for the wonderful friends you have brought into my life via GB.net. Catherine (crosswest), Devon, UK

For Gerry Butler and the future generations of Scotland.

Love can make the world a better place. Happy Birthday, Gerry!

Dearest Gerard, Thank you for the amazing work you have presented this year for our delectation. You are truly harnessing that beast of perfectionism and making it work for you. My Birthday Wish for you is a quiet place, an eye in the storm, a forest grove of beautiful trees, where you can breathe. With my love, Sue, Namibia.

To the Beautiful Scotland highlands, we will return and wander your hills.

Happy Birthday, Gerry! Thank you for who you are and for all you do. Happiness always, Sharon Cramer (Sharona, rocknroll tart)

Happy to help! Happy Birthday Gerry!

For Gerry who has brought so much light into my life. To say thank you for who you and for all you do. You touch our hearts.

What a pleasure and joy it is be a part of helping restore a forest in Gerry's beloved Scotland in honor of him and his hard work and his constant dedication to his craft and fans. Gerry, we love you and appreciate you. Wishing you a very, very Happy Birthday! Susan

for Gerard

To Gerard Butler on your birthday. Thank you for your inspiration, talent, and kind soul. Maree

Happy Birthday Gerry!!! I'm so happy doing this to benefit your beloved Scotland.

To the Highlands that Gerry so loves.

I would like to make this donation in memory of my father Robert.

Thank you for sharing your tremendous talent with the world. A fan for life, Lois

Dedicated to the ruggedly handsome Scottish Gerry Butler - Happy Birthday, May God Bless You and those that you love....Your fan in Gilbert, Az. Martha - Violist & Orchestra Teacher, mother of Garret, my sweet 6 year old son.

Plant a Tree charity program for Mr. Gerard Butler Birthday grove.

I am dedicating this to Gerard Butler - a wonderful humanitarian.

In honor of Gerard Butler

Here's to you Gerry, on your Birthday! May you live as LONG as these loving growing trees! All the BEST! Naoma

You give me a reason to smile every day! Happy 37th Birthday, Gerry!

Happy Birthday Gerry, Thank you for inspiring.....

From Clan Curry, Sharon Hoffer

To Gerry, for your kindness, compassion and caring. You embrace life and have a tremendous love for your country.This is a wonderful cause dedicated to a wonderful and most deserving man. Karen (Canada)

To Gerry - May all your days be happy ones. With love, Joanie

A gift to help restore the beautiful country that gifted the world with Gerard Butler.

Gerry~Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You followed your dreams, and because you did, I have the courage to follow mine. You've made my world a much brighter place. luff~Erin

Happy birthday to Gerard James Butler. This gift of nature from one Scot to another is given in heartfelt appreciation for all the happiness you bring to the world through your work and personal kindness.

Happy Birthday Gerry. A gift of beauty to your beloved Scotland for the beauty that you have given us.. Deb (nursedeb)

To perpetuate the natural wonder of trees, and to celebrate the birthday of a great human being, Gerard Butler.

Happy Birthday! We give you trees to increase the beauty of the land you love. May you find time to stroll amongst them occasionally during your busy and successful career.--Lady Macbeth

To help Preserve the Beautiful Homeland of a Beautiful Scotsman, Gerard Butler!

Happy Birthday Gerry! I'm happy to help in the restoration of the Caledonian Forest in your honor. In a very big way, your inspiration has restored the growth in me and has enabled me to branch out and enjoy life as it was meant to be enjoyed. God Bless you now and in each of your future endeavors. Big Hugs...Donna Lee

For Gerard Butler, The man I admire!

A gift of five trees from your nonagenarian fan!

In honor of Gerard Butler - Wishing you happiness on your special day!

Beautiful new trees dedicated to a tremendously talented actor Gerard Butler. Gerry thank you for being so kind to your fans. You are a special person! Happy Birthday! Connie Palma

Another few trees, so we can truly have a forest. Happy Birthday Gerry!

Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Happy Birthday Gerry. Thank you for sharing your talent and taking us on a wonderful ride. Your Toronto fan, Linda.

Happy Birthday, Gerry. I'm pleased to donate to this Caledonia Forest in honor of my favorite Scot! It was a very special day when you came into the world and I thank you for all the wonderful films and inspiration. I look forward to many more and to one day visit this special forest. Love, Carolyn Anderson

Happy 37th Birthday Gerry! I hope it will be your happiest one yet, with many more to come! Deborah M., from Southern California, USA

Dear Gerry, Happy Birthday!!! Co'Latha Breith Sona Dhuidh!! Scottish Gaelic for Happy Birthday!! May you have continued success and much happiness throughout the years. I loved the Highlands…so with this small donation…I give Scotland some beauty!! It's already so beautiful!! Hugs oxoxox Lilyrose

Happy Birthday Gerry!! What a wonderful gift you are to us!

A gift of trees that communicate the beauty of change with their magnificant Autumn colours. Happy Birthday Gerard James. May all your life transformations be colourful and inspiring. Hugs and Kisses, September S.

I dedicate this to you Gerry. Happy Birthday to a wonderful man who has brought such joy and compassion in my life through his movies. Don't ever stop. From one of your adoring Phans, Amyrose (aka Valorie)

To Gerard…I donate in your honor for all the joy (and tears) you have brought me in you films. Stay true. A forever fan from Florida… Wendy

Happy Birthdya, Gerry! Thank you for your kindness to your fans. Karen.

Wishing you a happy birthday, and thanking you fo rall that you do to bring happiness into the hearts of so many. Laura in Utah.

Linda Floyd

Happy Birthday Gerry! Hope you enjoy your grove of Trees For Life in your honor as much as I have enjoyed all your films, past, present, and look forward to those in the future. Love, Purplelady/Jane

Dearest Gerry, Isn't it amazing how you can inspire people to do so much good in this world, just by you being you? Don't ever change! God bless you and your career. May we continue to bless you as you have blessed us through your work and the wonderful appreciation you continue to show for us. We love you Patti, aka

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERARD!! Here's to making the world a more beautiful place to live. Rebecca Rubio, Las Vegas, NV

Happy Birthday Gerry!!

Happy Birthday! May all your good dreams come true.

Gerry you are a wonderful person, great actor and caring humanitarian. I look forward to many years of viewing your talents on the screen. May my tree be planted by next August when I travel to your beloved Scotland. Wishing you long life, good health and someone to share your dreams with as you age like the trees we plant.

This donation is made in honor of Gerard who is the first link in the chain that makes us all connected. Have a Fabulous Birthday Gerry! You inspire us all more than you will ever know! Dianne McDonald/Scottie3

Thank you, Mr. Butler. DK

To Gerry and the Highlands - two magnificent obsessions!

Happy Birthday Gerard, Scotland gave us the gift of you and now we give something back to beautiful Scotland! Have a wonderful B-Day! Luv, Elva

Dedicated to the denizens of the forests who need their homes back. Rruinsky

Happy Birthday, Gerry! I've been to the Highlands twice and am glad to contribute to their restoration.

Happy Birthday Gerry Butler! Scotland from the air is remarkable in its beauty. I look forward to a future UK visit that includes in this panorama a grove of trees that you inspired. Piercy (Janis Price)

Gerry, wishing you God's greatest blessings on your birthday and every day! With Love from Kelli323

A gift to Caledonia for the joy it has given me, and to Gerry for the inspiration. ~Kerrymac

In honor of Gerard Butler's birthday. Lynne Mendenhall

Ah wish ye the happiness o' daein whit ye dae as best ye can. Mak yer dreams come true. --- Kirstin, Germany.

For you, dear Gerry. You helped me when I was in a bad place through your performance as the Phantom and started me on the road to healing after the death of my husband. I will be forever grateful and will be your fan for life. Piney Tart (Cathy Snow)

Happy Birthday Gerry! You deserve a great day and a wonderful tribute like this to honor all the terrific work you have done and for all the joy you give to others. Here's to you, Scotland and all those beautiful trees. Lu

Happy Birthday Gerry! Some Angels have wings made of Light-Some have hearts made of Gold-But YOU are very Special-You have Music in your Soul. Best wishes, Linda C.Williams

Thank you for all your past and future projects that are such an inspiration to watch and share with the friends they bring together. Have a very Happy Birthday! Teri S

May this 37th year of your life bring whatever your heart desires!! With all my heart, I wish you the best health and happiness that you so deserve and a very succesful career. Have a wonderful birthday, you gorgeous scott! Love you babe! Thea

Happy Birthday Gerry, It is truly a pleasure to give something in honor of you. You have given your fans so much more than we could ever give back to you. You have inspired so much in all of us. Because of you we have developed beautiful and lasting friendships. Anything to make your beloved highlands even more beautiful, I am all for. Blessings! Samantha (IAmSam) Fitzgerel

HAPPY 37th BIRTHDAY GERRY, I want to thank you for all that you are! kind, beutiful, talented, sexy man!Thank you to your lovely Mom for bring you in to the world on 11-13-69 all my love,(new york tart) Hope Marie Grasso

Happy Birthday Gerry....thanks for bringing all of us together. You have touched us all...forever.

Happy Birthday Gerry, Thank you for bringing us all together, Em xx

Happy Birthday, Gerry! May God bless and keep you safe.

To G - Your fans and their love for each other and the world has grown much like these trees. Nurtured with energy, creativity, and friendship, we spread our arms and hope to make the world a little more beautiful with our nature. Like the tree of life, we're all connected. You planted the seed, we hope you can enjoy the fruits! Thanks! Jen Schroeder, Stagewomanjen

Happy Birthday Gerry! Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake, and what better place to eat cake than in the shade of a glorious old tree. It's lovely to think these new trees will one day be just such a place. Best wishes for a happy birthday and a fantastic year. em-elle

It is with pleasure that I honor Gerard Butler in this way. Gerry, thank you for the joy you give me in being your fan. Happy Birthday! With love, Sara.

Have a terrific birthday; hope the forrest grows fast and one day you can take your mum and your children to walk through your forest. You can tell them many people connected with your acting and wanted to say so with this forest.

In dedication to Gerard Butler to give back a little of what you give to us. Happy Birthday, Kathy Collupy (MarekFan)


It is a wonderful thing to give back to the Earth, for all it has given to us. May these trees bring shade to those who need it and be a safe home fr those animals that need one. And may it and wonder and beauty to a landscape that takes the your breath away. And to who has inspired many, Happy Birthday Gerard Butler aka. Gerry.

May you have many more, and I hope this gift helps the beautiful Caledonian Forest. Linda Fox

Happy Birthday Gerry! This grove of trees, as well as your wonderful films secure a lasting place for you on this planet. Love and best wishes!

Wishing Gerry a peaceful, all desires of his heart filled, beautiful birthday. Keep safe, happy and healthy, Gerry. You are in our hearts forever - Susan USA

Happy Birthday, Gerry.

Gerry, Thank you for being yourself. I hope you have a Happy Birthday. Debra Dealy

With best wishes. To repay some of the joy you have given me through your work.

Happy Birthday to our darlin' Gerry. This is going to be your year Gerry, no doubt about it. You are simply the best Actor in films today and your fans are with you all the way on your journey. Your life if brilliant! Suzanne from San Francisco

Happy Birthday Gerry, my sweet Angel eyes, I pray every night for your well being. You have given so much to us. I hope you realize that, if there is anything you want or need from us, just ask, and you will have thousands, who love you, respond. I hope you can feel the love everyday, not just for your birthday, because I'm know someone, somewhere across the world is thinking of you each day, besides me! All the best, Frances Carlson, Placentia,California

To Gerard Butler, himself an inspiring work of nature. Long may your grove grow! Happy Birthday! Tracy A. Geipel

Gerry, May God bless you on your birthday and give you great health, happiness and love for all your days. Thanks for being you! Happy Birthday! Luv, Donna

Happy Birthday Gerry! You are the so very talented, handsome and charming. I am so happy for all your success. Cheers to you!

This is dedicated to Gerard Butler. May the trees in this grove grow as strong, straight and true as he, who inspires us with the roles that he plays, and touches us with his kindness. Ruthie from Oregon, USA

in the name of Gerard Butler, thank you - Anke

Happy Birthday Gerry. Here's to you and Scotland. Love Barbara

Happy Birthday Gerry - thanks for just being you. From a Tart in Adelaide South Australia.

Happy Birthday Gerry Love from Euphemia and Miss Magdalena

Happy Birthday, sweet soul! That same beauty, majesty, song, magic and wonder that will be within this grove and is in this lovely land you call home, is within its people, too. Wishing you well and safe and happy on your birthday and always. J

Gerry, Happy Birthday and I hope you will enjoy the Gerry Grove as much as your fans have giving this living legacy. Martha Jane Ward, Heartland USA

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday filled with warmth and laughs. The Dark Side Limerick Girls love you, Gerry! kittypro, rosemarie, dalexwalt, PhantomPhloozie, SmartyTarty, memdebbie, Mermaid Maria, Lady Elissa, Bontoben, annielee (hope I did't forget anyone!)

For thus the royal mandate ran, When first the human race began;

I am giving this in honor of my wife, who very much admires Gerard Butler. Thank you Mr. Butler for being who you are. You have inspired so many women and because of you my wife has many new wonderful friends. Happy Birthday Gerry! (See Sam...I told you I would!)

In honor of Gerry……

I would like to dedicate this to my future children. May they live in a world that is better than today - Ashley Applewhite

This is the best gift to give to the man who's given us so much. What else could we give the guy who has everything, including our most sincere admiration. Hugs and Kisses, Beth Cain (brcain9)

This is dedicated to you Gerry, on your birthday. Wishing you every happiness in the future. As the trees blossom so may your career continue to blossom.

Co` latha breith sona dhuibh Gerry! Happy Birthday ~ May the year ahead be filled with many blessings for you and your family. * It was an honor meeting you in Vancouver, B.C. * The Colorado Convention ~ the 1st GB.Net US Convention was a fantastic success * Thank You for all you do! Cheers, Kathy

With best wishes on Gerry Butler's 37th birthday, Susan Webster

Happy Birthday Gerry! Here is wishing you all the best for MANY year to come! We all love & celebrate YOU for being you. Thank you so much for all you have done, now I can give something back to help your beloved forests. Cheers! Vanessa McGill Perez (Houston, Texas)

Happy Birthday Gerry! Sending you best wishes on your special day. Thank you for your dedication to your art. Your great performances have brought me and your legions of fans so much happiness! You have touched many hearts and now a forest, in your beautiful Scotland, will grow in your honor. Wow! How great is that?! Much lvoe, Beth J.

Happy 37th Birthday Gerry! This si going to be YOURyear!!! We love you From Carla, Fiona and Maggie Murray

Gerard, On this special day I wish you the best and that you have an amazing day. Thank you for the wonderful gifts you have given me; friends, fun times, your fantastic body of work that entertains me and most of all you! I look forward to another exciting year. You keep getting better with age! Have a wonderful Birthday, Joy Somerville

Happy Birthday to Gerry !

For the planet and For Gerard Butler on his birthday we give this gift of of lovely trees. From The FL Tarts Gerry Scottish Birthday Bash. Kami, Sandy, Jen, Donna Lee, Mary Ann and Lori.

Happy Birthday Gerry, I hope to some day see this lovely grove of trees and enjoy your so loved highlands as you do.

Have a joyous birthday, Kimberly

Happy Birthday Gerry! Lois

Gerry, I am proud to make this donation in your name to help restore beauty to the wonderful highlands of Scotland. AS one of the 3 million that visited in January, I can assure you that we have fallen as deeply in love with your country as you are. I hope you had a wonderful day. Patb Ky

Happy Birthday, Gerry, and thank you for the joy you bring to the lives of your family, friends, and fans. Best wishes for a healthy and satisfying year ahead. Rita Broyles, Norman, Oklahoma

Yoko Katayama

Happy Birthday Dear Gerry! It's a great pleasure to be a part of helping to restore a forest in your beloved Scotland. Thank you for being the wonderful, sweet, talented man that you are. May you have health, love and happiness always. We love you and support you in all that you do. With much love from Pennsylvania-June

For your 37th Birthday, may these trees keep the breath of life flowing. You are an amazing man and actor Gerry. Thank you for everything you have given to the world, but mostly given back to me. Timeflies/Sheryl

With love and respect from the Hillbilly Harlot

…Your Phantom breathed light & beauty into a world gone dark…nearly forgetting how it is to feel…Thank you Gerry for passing that Light across our Soul… May these Trees return this Beauty - that you may then Realize & Understand Your Triumph! Cheers! Greensleeves/GB.net

Happy Birthday to a man out of time. May you walk in your forest of trees whenever you have the chance and continue to draw strength from the land you love. Lady Macbeth

Dear Gerry, We had a Birthday Charity event in NYC on November 4th and we raised $3,448.00. We are donating all the proceeds in your name for your Grove. It was a labor of Love we helped plant some trees and we had a lot of fun. What could be better. NYC Luvs ya Gerry!!! RORO, Donna and Marg.

May this Highland grove stand strong and hearty. As a lasting reminder of this birthday party! Susan in California

Just more trees to thank you for the roles yet to come! Karma is a kick, isn't it? Jane Beins.

To Gerry with best wishes on your birthday from the Treehugger! Peigi McCann

Happy Birthday, Gerry! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world and inspiring us, your fans, to band together to give something back - to you, to your beloved Scotland, and to planet Earth. All the best, always!

Have a magically enchanting year. Love from, Madly's Magical Maidens.

Happy Birthday Gerry! This is on behalf of all the Finnish fans. Thank you for your beautiful, soulful performances, and your kind spirit. You are a light which shines far! Tuija

Gerry, Thank you for all that you have done for us. Your GeriatricFan, Mary

To dear Gerry…A beautiful human being, so talented, with a love of life and who has endered himself to so many people. May I wish you health and happiness always and with my small contributions add to the grove of Trees for Life. Happy Birthday Gerry…Love stillwaters.

This grove is dedicated to the memory of RAAAF Sergent Robert Dowling and for the true love he inspired. From his Granddaughter Julie Dowling, Warriedar Badimaya Noongar in Djurapin.

For Peigi McCann, a Wee Grove. For she who loves all living things, and only asks that we do the same. Thank you for your inspiration.

I dedicate this to all the creative women and men who are enjoying life's beauties and who are giving back to the world, in the spirit of Gerard Butler via his unique artistry and distinguished example. Lynn Ennis Iozzo.

Slainte Mhath Gerry, ciamar a tha thu? Agus La (deireadh) Breith Sona. Meal do naidheachdleis! Tha thu 37 bliadhna oig!!! Gerry, I hope you understood all that…my Gaelic is almost as bad as my Irish! Anyway, this contribution is, in your honour, my way of helping the land to be regenerated to the splendour that it once was. Cheers, Crea.

What a wonderful campaign, not only for Gerry, but for the Caledonian Forest!

Dear Gerry, Wishing you abundance in all things. As someone with Scottish connections through cousins and a stepfather, I'm delighted to be able to contribute to something as gorgeous as a forest in Scotland in your name, coming as I do from South Australia where we're known as the driest state on the driest continent. Your work touches us all - keep it up! Maggie B. x

To Gerry - What better way to honor your birthday than with this beautiful grove of trees for Scotland's Caledonian Forest. Each one of them will be a lasting and solid reminder of you, Gerry, and the wonderful, talented actor you are, but above all else, the wonderful, compassionate, caring and loving man you are. You have given so much to all of us, and this is our way of giving back all you have given us over the years. You are truly an amazing man, and to honor you on your 37th birthday, in this wonderful way, is indeed an honor. Thank you, Gerry, for all of the joy you have given us, for all that you will continue to give us, and thank you for just being Gerry, our Glaswegian Lad. We love you. Tense L. Smith (aka AngelRose) - Niceville, Florida USA

Happy Birthday, Gerry. It's an honor to support you and your career. Debra Whitehead aka memdebbie

Dear Gerry Butler we George and Donna Jean Montalbano and clan wish you a wonderful birthday celebration by donating to TREES for LIFE. We hope you end up with a lovely grove of 2,000 TREES for your beautiful Caledonian Forest in Scotland. May the Forest also be blessed with all the wonderful things that come along with that Forest like flowers, birds, animals and bugs of every type for you and your lovely people to roam through in future years. Donna Jean and George Montalbano and clan

To Gerry (a special person and actor) and Scotland (a special country) - with love Gusti (barb_Vienna)

Gerry, I know this grove of trees will make this world a more beautiful place, just as your movies have done. A very happy birthday! Joanna

Dedicated to Gerry for his entertaining ways and in memory of my Scottish ancestors. Kat

To all my Snog Sisters at the Kissing Thread, who honor Gerry and all his charms, each and every day. I love you guys.

Happy birthday, Gerry. You always make me feel hapy and give me a power. Jade-eyes

Trees are the best monuments that a man can erect to his own memory. They speak his praises without flattery, and they are blessings to children yet unborn.'-Lord Orrery, 1749. Happy Birthday, Gerry and congratulations. You have generated a whole forest. Julianna

Thank you Mr. Butler for sharing your talent with the world. Thank you for having the courage to step out of the square and take a chance. You have been a real inspiration to many. May God keep you in his hand and may you and your lovely grove of trees continue to grow and bring much pleasure to all who have the opportunity to see you or the trees. With much love from Paula Dodd and family in Jacksonville, Florida, USA

It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanates from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit. - Robert Louis Stevenson

In honor of Gerry Butler, amd all that he has done to make the lives of his fans richer and brighter.

From Yoko with love.

A few more trees for my GrandKids and me. A few more trees for Gerry and thee. A few more trees Our Earth will breathe free. Connie Ring

To Gerry, on his birthday. I do love you mr gerard butler. Vilma, from the land of Leanidas

Happiest of Birthdays Gerard. - A not too tart, Tart

Gerry Butler IS the sexiest man alive! (No thanks to PEOPLE Magazine voters who seen stuck in a rut). Happy birthday, Gerry! A tree is dedicated to you for continuing to bring joy into my life through your movies and talkshow appearances. With love and best wishes for a great year to come, Gretchen Gilbert in San Diego.


Dear Gerry, I hope this grove helps to bring much joy & peace to you, your family, and your countrymen. Connie Collins

Dedicated to my family's Scottish roots and Thanks Gerry for bringing us all together. Happy Holidays and much joy to you in the new year! Dianne & Iain McDonald

Dear Gerry, Once more - this time, to commemorate the imminent birth of my grandaughter Rebecca, a future fan if I have anything to do with it! Just keep making films and she'll be there! Jane Beins

A very Happy Birthday Gerry! It is a pleasure to donate to such a worthy cause in your name. Thank you so much for all you give of yourself! We love you!!! Kathleen

For Gerry - it takes a very speical

To Gerry!

Gerry, it makes me smile to think that your little forest will go on making the world a better place long after we are all gone. Happy birthday, from one knucklehead to another! MississippiPhan.

These additional trees will in no way make up for the smile you put on my face every day or for the many hours I spend enjoying your movies. I'm your Beowulf addict. God Bless, Pam Fee

In honor of Gerard Butler - an inspiration.

To Gerry...you have illuminated my existence with your passion and zest for life, and it's an honor to contribute to this wonderful cause to celebrate such an important date in history...the day you were born! The world is a more beautiful place because you are in it!! With much love and affection, Alison from Arizona

In honor of my gradfather, Toddy and Jake. CM

Rosemarie, This is a wee Grove for Thee. Your enthusiasim and humor is contagious. Thoughts of you walking through the Highlands next to Himself is not too outrageous.

May many generations of Butlers and Gerard Butler Fans enjoy the life-giving beauty of this most impressive gift. Doris 'johanna' Dubilzig.

Happy Birthday Gerard. We love you forever. Please take care of yourself! -Potomac, Maryland

Hello, again, sweet soul. In honour of the sisters I've found through knowing of you. We tell each other,

O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us' (Burns) Happy Birthday Gerry, Luv JuiCe

In honour of Gerard Butler whose life story and performances have provided inspiration for many. Love, Merry (annielee)

I hope all your dreams come true, Gerry. The trees in your grove makes us all happy to have a small part in restoring the forests of Scotland. Love, Jane/purplelady

Thank you.

…with kind wishes for all the un-birthdays.

To help restore the forests of my ancestors! Susan D.

To Gerry, Happy Birthday, May all your hopes and dreams come true!!!! You have made all our dreams come true. All the best for the coming year!!! We are all in your corner, God Bless!!! From Alexandria at GB.NET!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Gerry who has made us all stand taller, push our roots deeper, spread our branches farther toward our dreams, and who has provided shelter and shade during good times and bad. You're the best!

For Gerard Butler for the pleasure and inspiration he gives to all his fans and for the people of Scotland for making my husband and me feel welcome on the visit so long ago.

For Gerry's Grove...for restoration of a forest as his great spirit, lovely soul, and exceptional talent has restored so many of us. Dale Walters

Gerry, you make every day brighter and more alive than the previous one by just being Gerry. Continued joy and success - and happy birthday! - Dawn

Happy Birthday Gerry! geur cearn-GB.net/Hemi C-GB Gals

Right now, i couldn't afford to donate more due to the financial situation i am in. But i thought this was such a wonderful idea, and altough my donation is so small i feel happy to have contributed!!! Happy 37th birthday Gerry...May God bless you and keep you under his wing. Thanks for all you have given me! Erika from Malta

Happy Birthday dear Gerry Butler. We send a donation toward your beloved Caledonian Forest in Scotland for Trees for Life for your Birthday on November 13 from George and Donna Jean Montalbano and clan.

To Gerry, on his birthday. Much love, Jackie (Little Miss)

A very Happy Birthday, Gerry. Because you followed your dreams, a whole new world of opportunity and friendship opened up to me. For this, I will be eternally grateful. Enjoy your special day as we all celebrate the birth of YOU.

Happy Birthday, Gerry! May your career grow as these trees will and may you find ever increasing satisfaction and joy in the choices you make. And when things go wrong, and they will now and then, think of the forest growing in your name and smile! Jane Beins, Faithful American Fan


Gerard Butler and his beautiful Scotland. A man with a giving soul and a heart warming country. May they inspire us all.

Gerry, wishing you a truly delicious birthday and that on your special day, you get to do/see all the people, puppies and things YOU love best. From: Lola1749

Happy Birthday Gerry! This is dedicated to the compassionate man and great actor. May God bless you!

To Trees for Life in loving dedication to Gerry Butler's 37th birthday! A donation benefitting the place he holds so dear to his heart, to give him a glimpse of how dear he is to my heart, and those of many others. It truly is a special circle! Lotte Omvlee aka LoveMe1010, Netherlands.

Happy Birthday, Gerry!

Gerry, you have shown us your awesome talent, your gregarious nature, your unbelievable stories, your generous spirit, and the beautiful country you call home. I gladly contribute to help the Caledonian forest! Happy Birthday! Many of us will gather to celebrate your birthday in Manhattan in your honor! Love, Merle Yalowitz, (GB.net's

Please accept this wee donation in honor of Gerard Butler's birthday - to bring back to Scotland a bit of green as clear, gentle and beautiful as Gerry's eyes. XOXOX Nita

For our dearest Gerry and all new generations of little, Gerrys and Lolitas, may your trees grow tall and proud. Because you are loved Pamela Fee

I would like to dedicate a tree to Gerard Butler, who has touched so many lives, with his amazing acting ability, as well as his beautiful heart and soul. What better way to celebrate Gerry's birthday, than to plant these beautiful trees in his beloved homeland of Scotland.

This is an exquisite way to honour Gerry Butler and give to the trees that I so love. Thank you for this opportunity! Blessings to you all, Elizabeth Prima

This is dedicated to Gerry Butler, a wonderful actor who has joined so many people around the world. Happy Birthday Gerry!

Gerry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The is a joyous opportunity to give back to the country that gave us all beautiful you. With love from California-Miss Victoria

Dear Gerard, these trees are donated to your grove for Peigi McCann and her dear mother, Patty Donald, who sadly passed away last week. May they always be remembered together, happy amongst the trees in Scotland, a country they have so much affection for. Love Rose

Here we come 2000 trees. This is dedicated to our environment.

In memory of Patty Donald, much loved mother of Peigi McCann. The Love between Mother and Child is truly rare and beautiful. I believe when we love from the heart of our soul's, that love never dies, because our soul never dies. May these trees in Gerards Grove be a reminder of the forever love of and for all mothers. You are a special Lady Peigi, and so is your' mother. With love Deborah Ann

In memory of my mother, Patty Donald, with love from Peigi McCann

From Lynni to Peigi, in memory of your mom; for a little bit more Caledonian oxygen in this world from Gerard's Woodland.

Congratulations on the success of '300'!

from fans of Gerard Butler!

For my favorite 'Tree Hugger" Peigi McCann, May you always have a choice of trees to hug. Hugz Deb

The trees are Dedicated to Gerard's Grove by our lovely warrior Ruby on her birthday, in lieu of her present.

Please dedicate this donation in honour of Little Greta Gigliotti…She passed away this past Sunday. She was a brave little fighter. Very couragious to her mother. She was only 8 years old. Her mother loves Scotland and I decided to have Greta's name live on...in her memory. In Memorium. She was a little flower, very brave, and I wanted her to e remembered akways. Lilyrose

These trees are dedicated with love, in Memory of Little Greta Gigliotti, A Fighter, A little Flower, A Person With Great Strenght And Inner Hope

To Peigi, for all her hard wotk and dedication to this cause which means so much to so many of us. Jackie

I would like to dedicate this to my beautiful children and grandchildren who are so very special. Gerry your star is now shining brightly, thanks for just being you and for all the joy you have brought me. I wish you every success in your future projects and all the happiness in the world. Nice things happen to nice people and like these trees in your beloved Scotland you will prosper. Love, Kathy (Western Australia)

Donations from Fans of Gerard Butler

Gerry, this is for all you've done, all you have given, but especially for everything you shared with your Tarts. For me, you are my Angel form GOD. Thank you for being there for me, when I collapsed. I smile everyday thinking of that wonderful day in March of 2005. Your friend and Tart, Sherrell/Bermos

In gratitude to Mandeigh, a tree hugging Tart, for your friendship, help and support. Another Tart

from fans of Gerard Butler

I dedicate this tree in Gerard Butler's grove for my husband in memory of his teacher and mentor Father Don Driscoll S.J. for his years of devoted teaching and friendship

These donated trees are in memory of Joan Collins and her son Paul Collins. May they grow together once again forever, in the beauty of Gerard's Woodland. Love The Rounce Family

for Gerard and for Scotland with affection from Patsyb

with love from Catherine (crosswest)

In honor of Gerard Butler for the great gifts of love, inspiration and fellowship he has shared with so many. Sue Welle-Texas Gramma

There can be no forest without trees and my daughter and son-in-law are ex-forest rangers and wanted to participate in the replanting.

Congratulations on all the succes of "300" it is an outstanding movie and you truly are the King. With love, Lois

In the name of Peridot for all she has done for me and, I'm sure she knows, will have to do in the future.

In memory and in honour of a terrific author, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

For your magnificent Leonidas! Congratulations! Jane Beins

Dedicated to Gerard J.Butler on his 37th Birthday and for the restoration of the Caledonian Forest to be enjoyed by future generations. Let them know we cared. Madeline Hall (Makelina)

In celebration of Earth Day 2007. Lois/Lola 1749

Honoring you for your work and dedication. Namaste-Michelle-Las Vegas

Happy 37th Birthday Gerard Butler. For the generations in honor of the man who inspires us all. Lucille Gray, Fort Worth, Texas

I am donating one more tree just for you Gerry and for all the joy you have brought to so many. You just take my breath away. Love, Kathyb

I hear we are trying to make 2000, so here's another few trees from me. Thanks GB. Net and Peigi, and of course King Leonidas.love Sue, Namibia.

In memory of my Grandfather, Robert Wood - Karen Richmond (Hillbilly Harlot)

To Gerry,rnHappy to make a lasting

For the tireless efforts of Alexandra & Rosemarie on behalf of another great Scottish Treasure, Robert Burns. Hugz -Deborah Ann

Add more trees for your lovely forest dedicated in the name of Gerard Butler from Marilyn Parks.

Dear Gerry

I just had to donate again to this wonderful cause.We are so close to 2000 trees that I hope this puts us over.With much love and respect, Karen

To Gerry,

For all the joy and happiness that you have given to us, we honor you with this beautiful grove in your beloved Scotland. May your light continue to shine brightly, and may your star continue to rise. We honor you for the amazing actor that you are, and for the wonderful and caring man that you are. Thank you for all you do. Tense L. Smith, Niceville, Florida 32578

For Peigi with thanks for all her hard work. And for Gerry and his beloved Scotland. Love Kathyb

Some hae trees and canna see,

and some wad see that want it,

but we hae trees and we can see,

and sae the Lord be thankit.

(my apologies to Robert Burns!)

Gerry, We've almost reached 2000 trees for you. So here's a few more so we can really have a forest! Love ya, Jackie

These trees are dedicated to Gerard, Connie, Alexandria and Nicholas,Tense, Karenb and karen Richmond, Deborah Ann, Merry, Kathy, Asunta, Patsyb, felliniquilter, Peigi and Donna Jean and everyone else, who have donated to this wonderful campaign.

Happy Birthday sweet man. It's my birthday too!! I couldn't think of a nicer birthday pressie! God bless you Gerry.

To Katie and Weston's new little guy, Casey,

may you walk among Gerry's trees someday!

A tree for my children in honor of Gerry

For my birthday, some trees for Gerry's Grove; a gift that will last many lifetimes.Karen from MN

Congratulations on all your success Gerard, 300, Taurus Award,and our personal hero!Scottie3

Congratulations on the great success of "300" and winning the

Taurus Stunt Actor of the Year Award. Good luck with your new projects.

I make this latest donation in honor of my Mom & Dad - Harold and Martha Choate - who loved gardening, wildlife and trees. Love, Jane/purplelady

Gerry, my donation of ten trees to this grove is nothing compared to the thanks you deserve for being who you are, and the positive impact you have made on thousands of lives worldwide. This grove was only possible because of you and the way you interact with us, your fans. If we did not know you for the kind, loving soul you are, it would not exsist. May it continue to grow and thrive as your star climbs higher in the sky!

With much love, Cate

Happy Birthday, Gerard! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world.

Gloria and Holly Pope

In loving memory of my Grandmother, Madge O'Neal who loved Gerard Butler's beautiful Phantom. Thank You Gerry. Debbie from OH(BrownEyesWink)

Gerry carry on being the person you are love Sharonxx

Thanks to Gerard Butler, fans, and Trees for Life for supporting this important project!

To the memory to a beautiful young woman who left the earth too soon. May your spirit soar among the trees.

Beautiful - may it last forever

Alison Small

Happy Birthday, Gerry, you've certainly changed my life! Linda xx

Happy Birthday, Gerry. Congratulations on a great 2007, and hoping the next year will bring continued success with all your dreams coming true. Luvya, purplelady/Jane

Happy Birthday Gerry, hope your birthday is as special as you are. A smile so precious, may it always shine for you.

Love Fran

Happy Birthday Gerard (Gerry) Butler. We wish you a very successful career and a happy life for now and in the future. Can hardly wait until PS, I Love You and Nim's Island come out. George and Donna Jean Montalbano and clan

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Peg! Thank you for your continual support and inspiration!

Love, Jenn

For Gerry and the Caledonian Forest from an anonymous donor

half a world away!

To Scotland herself, whose beauty, history and soul calls to me across the ocean. And to John McLean who left Scotland for North Carolina in 1772 at the tender age of 17.

For Gerry,

Your forest grove increases and matures as does your career. Best wishes throughout the future for both.

Jane Beins

For Gerry, whose work I enjoy and admire; and in honor of Earth Day and my birthday...may these trees flourish for many, many years.

Mae the Merry

For my father who loved John Le Carre, Frank Sinatra, fillet mignon, films, and photography, and passed these on to me. In memory of Tony Hilfer, professor, critic, and dear friend who loved good food and interesting people. He could catch the nuance of a falling leaf.

With my love for a very worthwhile project and may many, many more trees be planted in your name Gerry. Carel Long

In honor of Robert the Bruce and the victory of Bannockburn.

To the GB.net Green Group for all of their hard work and their dedication to perserving this beautiful planet we share. - Karen Richmond (aka Hillbilly Harlot)

Dear Gerry Butler,

A wee donation for your Caledonian Forest rebirth. In your name from George and Donna Jean Montalbano and clan.

Luv and hugs for always to a wonderful and caring man!

Gerard is a wonderful actor and beautiful man inside and out.

I am Scottish, my ancestors built Dunnottar castle in Stonehaven. He makes me proud to call myself a Scot.

I love you gerard for being the man you are.

I donate these trees to your beautiful Scotland, Gerry... a country that stole my heart.'---Julianna

Dear Gerry, I'm still a devoted fan 3 years after experiencing your performance in "The Phantom of the Opera". The passion, angst, and sweet melodic vocals you weave together in your performance have changed my life. I strive to enjoy the beauty of music and God's earth in my everyday life. Also, to dare to dream as I've never dreamed before...." Thank you Gerry, for everything. God Bless. --Patti

Another birthday - another tree for your grove, Dear Gerry. Have a very happy day and fantastic and successful year. Jane/purplelady

Given in honor of Gerry's 39th birthday.

Wishing Gerry the very best for another successful year and a

happy one, too. From Anonymous-36

A milestone birthday this year, Gerry, as you move into your prime. May this grove grow with as much vigor and promise as your career has grown. My very best wishes now and forever.


To keep Scotland beautiful. Virginia Whitton

For Gerard Butler and his beautiful country for the many, many hours of joy you have given me through your work.

Gerry, just trying to give something back to the WONDERFUL country that gave you to us GALS!

Gerard, you have inspired and brightened so many lives. May your grove do the same for generations to come. Maree

To Gerry and his continued success. A little bit of Scotland that will be forever his.

Love Sheila

To all those who have helped with the trees!

Dedicated to Margaret, Mum to Gerard. Happy Mothers Day to a wonderful woman. Your love, guidance, compassion and humor shine through in your son and I thank you for helping him become the man so many of us love and admire.

Happy Birthday to you and your beautiful country!!! Dana

For Logan Thomas Moravek, my beautiful Scots, Czech, Cherokee, German, Swedish-Norwegian grandson, born 6/22/2009.

Helping to repair the heartbreak, one tree at a time. In honor of Gerard Butler, who has comforted broken hearts through his gift of acting. Happy Birthday, Gerry!

Gerry, Happy Birthday Sweetheart. You have a sweet soul lurking behind that little boy smile. Thank you for being so generous w/your time & yourself. Both are precious commodities. This has been a spectacular year for you and I wish you so much more. Be happy. Wishing you the best always. Brenda.

Happy Birthday, Gerry! I can't think of a better way to celebrate your birthday then to help plant another tree in your grove! I hope to visit there someday soon! Love, Delene

In honor of Gerard Butler's birthday by Sandy Hargett

Happy Birthday Gerry. It's an honor to help rebuild your beautiful forests in your name. Love you! Sherry

May everything turn out as good as possible for you!!! Dana

Dear Gerry, the loyalty and innovation we demonstrate comes in response to your inspiration: your dedication to your craft, your affection for your family, your concern for the conditions in your homeland…all these are from you, and FOR YOU. Love, Merle.

Happy 40th Birthday Gerry. I hope you have another great year and someday come and walk among your trees. Love, Jane/purplelady

Donated by Alexandria (Sandra) Horyski, Alexiadou Elpis, Alison Driggs, Alison Roberts, Alison Small, Alvada Imo Harned, Andrea L Morse, Anke Redegeld, Ann Baran, Anne LaFleur, Anonymous, Anonymous-36, Ashley Applewhite, Auguste Storkan, Barbara Straessle, Beth Jone

2nd February 2012

Donated by Brenda Barnard

10th November 2011

To Gerry from an admirer from the west of west.

30th June 2011

Donated by Lynne Mendenhall

30th June 2011

More trees to signal your continued growth and success. May you always find all that you need and most of what you want. Now and forever, Jane B

Donated by Jane Beins

30th June 2011

Donated by Brenda Barnard

29th June 2011

Love always, Carel

Donated by Carel Long

22nd June 2011

I feel very honoured to be a small part of this wonderful project in honour of Gerry.

Donated by Tracy Risby

14th June 2011

I wish you continued success in your career. Love, from Toronto. LM

Donated by Linda MacFarlane

30th May 2011

Gerry, for your sweet spirit and amazing talent, I dedicate these trees in your honor. May you live a very long and happy life, and may you bring many more hours of entertainment and joy to those that love you so much. Sandy/shirsan

Donated by Dale Hargett

25th May 2011

Donated by Marion Gonsalves

11th May 2011

May you walk one day through the grove of trees planted in your honour, Gerry. With love and best wishes, always, Carel

Donated by Carel Long

9th May 2011

"To Gerry from a secret admirer!"

2nd May 2011

It is a pleasure to again be able to contribute to this worthy cause. Having been fortunate to travel to Scotland three times, the deforestation in the Highlands appears a sad historical note to man's ill-advised ventures. Gerard, be well and happy, man. We love you. Merle~

Donated by Merle Yalowitz

29th April 2011

To Gerry (Gerard) Butler. Many good wishes for you and your family. George and Donna Jean Montalbano and clan

Donated by George Montalbano

29th April 2011

In honor of my favorite actor Gerard Butler. Because of him, some new trees are growing in Scotland.

Donated by Holly Matthews

26th April 2011

Donated by Marion B Gonsalves

16th December 2010

Happy Birthday, Gerry!

15th November 2010

In honor of Creedy.

31st August 2010

To my childhood brother, friend, and baseball hero, Cary Dean Enterline We found things to do in stormy weather Long may you run.

Donated by Carol Austin

21st July 2010

In honor of your many powerful performances, especially the Great King, Leonidas. Wishing you good health, good luck and many adventures. Lynne

Donated by Dorothy Mendenhall

21st July 2010

Gerry, Thank you for making are world a little brighter. Your Friend now and always, Sherrell Frederick/Bermos

Donated by Sherrell Frederick

4th July 2010

These trees are donated by gerryforever. The dedication is planting new trees for the environment of Scotland!

Donated by Margaret Edwards

11th June 2010

Donated by Donna B Dearing

31st May 2010

Donated by Alison Small

19th May 2010

These to Phantoms Phorest are dedicated to Rosemarie, Alexandria, Peigi, The RT Burns Club, all things Robert Burns, and Scotland. With love Deb Ann

Donated by Deborah Barnum

12th May 2010

For Gerry, From one Scot to another. Who says Scots are mean?. Wishing you every continued success. Love Sheila xx

Donated by Sheila Bryson

11th May 2010

A lasting gift in honor of Gerard Butler who has given me hours of entertainment.

Donated by Holly S. Matthews

11th May 2010

I dedicate these trees in The Phantom Phorest to two wonderful ladies. Deborah Ann Barnum and Peigi McCann. Thank you for all you do. Love Rose

Donated by Rosemary Rounce

9th May 2010

In honor of Gerard Butler. Lynne

Donated by Dorothy L Mendenhall

8th May 2010

Wishing you a wonderful Spring Day, Thank you for all you do for your fans Love Sherrell Frederick / Bermos

Donated by Sherrell Frederick

6th May 2010

Thank you Gerry!! For all your Love and Dedication to those you you have touched. Love, Sherrell Frederick /Bermos

28th April 2010

Donated by Brenda e. barnard

24th April 2010

13th November 2006

Donated by Marion B Gonsalves

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