A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Ibrox Stadium Disaster Memorial Grove
Absent Friends

Absent Friends grove

Join us and help plant a grove of trees to remember those who lost their lives over the years at Ibrox Stadium, the home of Rangers Football Club.

This grove has been started with donations from Rangers Fans as we approach the 40th anniversary of the 1971 disaster at Ibrox Stadium where 66 souls died.

Let's raise a glass to absent friends,

For every road must end,

You'll always be there in our hearts,

Our special absent friends.

Margaret Ferguson (18)

Robert Maxwell (15)

Robert McAdam (36)

James Sibbald (28)

Hugh Addie (33)

John Neil (29)

James Rae (19)

David Duff (23)

James Trainer (20)

John Gardiner (32)

Mason Phillips (14)

John McLeay (23)

Richard McLeay (28)

Thomas Grant (16)

Nigel Pickup (8)

Peter Easton (13)

Brian Todd (14)

Robert Mulholland (16)

Russell Morgan (14)

Matthew Reid (49)

Charles Livingston (30)

John Semple (18)

Brian Hutchinson (16)

James Grey (37)

Alex McIntyre (29)

Charles Dougan (31)

Thomas Melville (17)

George Irwin (22)

George Findlay (21)

David McGhee (14)

Walter Raeburn (36)

Walter Shields (15)

John Jeffrey (16)

James McGovern (24)

James Mair (19)

George Adams (43)

Ian Hunter (14)

John Buchanan (32)

David Anderson (45)

Russell Malcolm (16)

Thomas Stirling (16)

Alexander Orr (16)

Robert Rae (25)

George Wilson (15)

Thomas McRobbie (17)

William Somerhill (17)

John Crawford (23)

Donald McPhearson (30)

Francis Dover (16)

Adam Henderson (42)

Douglas Morrison (15)

Thomas Dickson (32)

Ronald Paton (14)

Robert Cairns (17)

Peter Wright (31)

Donald Sutherland (14)

Duncan McBrearty (17)

Ian Frew (21)

Robert Grant (21)

William Shaw (30)

Richard Barke (15)

Robert Carrigan (13)

Peter Farris (26)

Charles Stirling (20)

Andrew Lindsay (18)

George Smith (40)

Also the 25 from 1902 and the 2 from 1961 may they all rest in peace Forever in our thoughts!!

Dedicate a tree to a loved one who has died or to mark a wedding, birthday, christening or friendship and help this grove grow and forever have its roots in Scottish Soil!!

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In memory of John Jeffrey & Tommy Grant, both 16 year old pupils of Victoria Drive School. They died on Stairway 13 - 2 January 1971. Always remembered. Rest in Peace.

Donated by Christine Tod

6th January 2014

FRANCIS DOVER - Aged 16 - POSSILPARK THOMAS MELVILLE - Aged 17 - POSSILPARK DAVID DUFF - Aged 23 - POSSILPARK In memory of the 3 lads from Possilpark who never returned home on that fatal day on 2nd January 1971 at the Ibrox disaster.....from all at the lonely loyal and posso true blues r.s.c.

Donated by Stephen Shaw

6th January 2014

I dedicate this to my dad, David McPherson and to my brother, Nigel Pickup. I was only a toddler on the day of the game and didn't attend. I still think of you both often. You are deeply missed.

Donated by Ross McPherson Taylor

3rd January 2014

Sammy Law

31st December 2012

Remembering all the fans who never made it home,also my brother Robert Wilson who died 1st April 2010.He was 17yrs old and was on staircase 13 that day,he never forgot.Rangers fans are all family.xxx

Donated by Morag Wilson Stewart

17th September 2012

To my Dad Andrew Fraser rip

Donated by Hugh Fraser

15th May 2012

in loving memory of Paul Kyle....simply the best dad in the world..love you always forget you never...Leah and Dean....xxxxx

Donated by julie logan

15th May 2012

Donated by Iain Deas

19th January 2011

For John Jeffrey, whose birthday was on January 9th. Always remembered. Remembering too all the others who lost their lives. Margaret McG.

Donated by mrs margaret smith

11th January 2011

Donated by Charles Hamilton

11th January 2011

Our love for Rangers never ends as is our thoughts for absent friends. we are the people george murdoch

Donated by mr george murdoch

11th January 2011

"Those who live in the hearts of others, never really die" - it can be said that every fan taken on that day lives eternally in the heart of Rangers. Gone but never forgotten <3

Donated by Natalie Nairn

27th October 2010

For baby Frazer forever a tiny angel too beautiful for this earth.

Donated by colin shearer

28th September 2010

In memory of my Dad, Alex McIntyre, sadly missed. Liz

Donated by Colin Gilchrist

20th September 2010

To absent friends and to the families of loved ones.you are forever in our hearts.

Donated by andy davie

13th September 2010

In memory of Hugh Smith, 8th August 1928 - 27th July 2001 and in memory of the sixty six who never made it home. Gone but not forgotten.

Donated by Graeme Smith

9th September 2010

I was a young boy at school in Easterhouse when the Ibrox tragedy happened, one of the boys that died that sad day had been at my school his younger brother was in my class. The whole school was in shock at the terrible news that he had been killed, i never forgot that tragic day and all the people that died, so to help in this memorial grove gives me joy and fulfillment to know all their names will be known to our dependants for generations to come. James Walker (semboy)

Donated by james walker

9th September 2010

A tree in remembrance of every person to die at Ibrox Stadium in 1902,1961 and 1971 - thats 93 people including George Nelson & Tommy Thomson from 1961. This is through donations from Rangers fans worldwide to the Margaret Ferguson Memorial Fund in the name of the only female to die at Ibrox in 1971 !! Forever in our thoughts and always in our hearts. Colin Shearer - Margaret Ferguson Memorial Fund

Donated by Colin Shearer

7th September 2010

From the members of DoTheBouncy in memory of all those men, women and children who tragically died while supporting Rangers FC. Gone but never forgotten WATP

Donated by stephanie strang

18th August 2010

In memory of the sixty six fans who never returned home. Absent friends. Cresta Loyal, East Belfast.

Donated by James Moffett

10th August 2010

Our fellow supporters - Forever in our thoughts

Donated by Brian Cooper

9th August 2010

In Loving Memory of Julia Pickles.

Donated by M.A. Pickles

5th August 2010

For my dad, Garry Lynch, and all absent friends. Love you, Ang xxx

Donated by Angela Lynch

4th August 2010

In memory of my parents Catherine and John Strang. Sadly missed but always remembered. From Kenny Strang

Donated by K Strang

28th July 2010

To Absent Friends We will remember them.

Donated by Alan Kent

26th July 2010

To my mum and dad,who gave me so much and introduced me to the Rangers way. Absent Friends.

Donated by Robert Jess

21st July 2010

Absent friends, always remembered. Craig Beatt, Glasgow.

Donated by Craig Beatt

20th July 2010

To Archie Stewart Lifelong Rangers fan Gone but never forgotten Colin,Wallis & Holly

Donated by Karen Stewart

6th July 2010

To Absent Friends

Donated by Ross McPherson

2nd July 2010

Forever Follow Follow.

Donated by Steven Allen

1st July 2010

From a fellow bear who was on staircase 13 that day. My thoughts are with my absent friends forever. Avalon.

Donated by Donald Smith

1st July 2010

Absent Friends - For the Stadium that you gave us, this grove is our thanks to you. In the spirit of Rangers. J. McK

Donated by J. McKellar

30th June 2010

To all our absent friends, gone but never forgotten

Donated by Kenneth Stark

29th June 2010

From someone who was at the top of staircase 13 that terrible day.

Donated by John Beaton

29th June 2010

Donated by Nigel Patterson

29th June 2010

Donated by Ian Cameron

29th June 2010

Rangers Forever

Donated by Thomas Clark

28th June 2010

Absent friends

Donated by Mr James McTaggart

28th June 2010

For Thomas Melville.

Donated by John Hamilton

28th June 2010

Donated by Colin Shearer

28th June 2010

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Absent Friends grove
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