Elsa Celia McGilchrist's baby/child grove
26 March 2011

Elsa Celia McGilchrist grove

To celebrate the birth of Elsa
and to thank Anja, Sadie, Laura, Mel, Tessa, Gill, Julia and Nina
for her safe arrival and fantastic start.

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Dear Elsa, May life bring you good health, many friends and much happiness. With love and best wishes from Hils & John

Donated by Hilary Wells

10th October 2011

On the Christening of baby Elsa Celia McGilchrist. We are sorry we couldn't be there to witness this special event. With lots of love, Louisa, Reuben, Marie-Louise and William Culpin

Donated by Louisa Culpin

5th October 2011

Dearest Elsa, Welcome to the world, may your life be full of every beautiful thing... All our love Richard, Charlie and Anna xxx

Donated by Charlie Evans

27th September 2011

Dear Elsa, May you have a blessed life and bring much joy and love to your very special parents. Lots and lots of love, Saadia, Nick and Caspar xxx

Donated by Saadia Rahman

26th September 2011

Dear Elsa, Welcome to the world, and many congratulations on your Christening! Love from Julia, Doc, Isobel, Rachel and William xxx

Donated by julia richards

26th September 2011

Donated by Chris & Katie Lawrence

26th September 2011

To Elsa, Wishing you health & happiness throughout your life. Love Catherine & Peter xxx

Donated by Catherine Seymour

26th September 2011

Dear Elsa, On the occasion of your Christening. With our love and prayers, Luke, Catherine, Helena and Lydia

Donated by Catherine Ramsden

26th September 2011

To Darling Elsa, May you blossom with love and happiness. Love Kat and Paul

Donated by Kat Hodge

26th September 2011

For Elsa on the occasion of her Christening with love from Tony, Janet and family

Donated by Janet Hunt

26th September 2011

robor et amor With love from Godparents, Paul and Tressa

Donated by Paul Parker

26th September 2011

Dear Elsa, Many congratulations on your Christening. We look forward to giving you a big cuddle on the day. Love, Peter, Claudia and Luca xxx.

Donated by Claudia Goodridge

26th September 2011

Dear little Elsa, Wishing you love and happiness on your christening day. Jane xx

Donated by Jane Smith

26th September 2011

Elsa. Your birth has made us very happy. We wish you a life of fulfilment and much happiness. Marjorie and David Robinson.

Donated by David Robinson

26th September 2011

Donated by David, camilla and Rachael Robinson

26th September 2011

What a little star you are, Elsa! Here's to health, wealth and happiness.

Donated by Beverley Matthews

21st September 2011

With love from Jacqueline and Claire xx

20th September 2011

For Elsa, on the occasion of her Christening. With love from Zoe, Richard, Amy, Oscar and Alexandra x

Donated by zoe burnett

20th September 2011

Dear Elsa, with the beautiful smile. Congratulations on your special day. With love Will, Tara, Grace and Ruby xxxx

Donated by william biddle

20th September 2011

Dear Elsa, Congratulations on this special day. May you lead a life full of happiness and bring your parents much joy. Love Lisa and Mark

Donated by Lisa McAllen

14th September 2011

For Elsa, On the occasion of her Christening, Love and God Bless from Bill and Mary. XX

Donated by Bill Gray

14th September 2011

Elsa May you bloom and prosper

Donated by David + Sally Sawyer

30th August 2011

With much love from Granny McGilchrist on your Christianing 25th September 2011

Donated by Sarah McGilchrist

30th August 2011

For Louisa, Esther and Karla, with many heart-felt thanks for giving us the inspiration, techniques and support to continue. With Love, Lucy, Al and Elsa

Donated by Lucy McGilchrist

2nd August 2011

Thanks you to Caryn xx

Donated by lucy mcgilchrist

8th July 2011

To Kate with much thanks for all the support. xxx

Donated by lucy mcgilchrist

22nd June 2011

For our mums with our thanks.

Donated by lucy mcgilchrist

6th June 2011

To thank Laura for her support. xxx

Donated by lucy mcgilchrist

6th June 2011

Donated by Mr a g mcgilchrist

15th April 2011

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Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Elsa Celia McGilchrist's grove
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