A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
David's Grove
Doctor David Tennant
18 April 1971

David Tennant grove

Dedicated to Dr David Tennant, born David John McDonald on 18 April 1971, a Scottish actor. In addition to his work in theatre, including a widely praised Hamlet called "the Hamlet of a generation," Tennant is best known for his role as the tenth incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who.

Honoured with the NTA Special Recognition Award in 2015, his 2013 accomplishments include, most notably, Broadchurch and Richard II, both award winning productions. David won the People's Choice Award for Favourite Actor in a New Series for Gracepoint and has been awarded with an Emmy for his work in the Clone Wars.  

More recently he played Kilgrave in Netflix Jessica Jones which has proved to be a resounding success as well as his return to the stage as Richard II to standing ovations in London and his first stage performances at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in the RSC's King and Country Cycle directed by the RSC's artistic director Gregory Doran.  Dr Tennant himself holds a seat on the board of directors for the RSC, haven been given that position at the age of 36, the youngest ever to take a seat.

On the 6 July 2016 David was awarded an honorary drama doctorate from his alma mater, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. You can see more here:    https://www.rcs.ac.uk/28119-2/

Doctor Tennant won the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland for his performance as Jimmy Porter in Look Back in Anger at an early age. His Hamlet won the Critic's Circle Theatre Award as well as The Evening Standard Theatre Award. Doctor Tennant has won two Whats On Stage Awards, one for his RSC performance in Richard II and another for the main character of DJ in Don Juan in Soho by Patrick Marber. 

This grove, planted in his honor, is a birthday gift to him from admirers the world over for his fine work on stage and screen as well as for his many efforts to aid charities worldwide. He is respected and beloved for his tireless devotion to charity and his humanity. This grove exists to thank him for his works of charity and his encouragement to make the world a better place and his efforts to be a positive influence and use his position to do good in any way available to him. We thank him and hope he accepts this gift from his fans with all the love it is given. 

"I'm a good person, I hope. But I'm never as good as I want to be, never as nice as I want to be, never as generous as I want to be."
- David Tennant

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24th April 2018

Happy 47th birthday! Best wishes :)

Donated by Anja Schmidt

20th April 2018

Happy 47th bday and congrats on your wins and new projects - wishing you health, wealth and joy this and every year - much love, Ginger, grove founder

Donated by Ginger Crawford and Cynthia Vela

18th April 2018

Happy birthday! It's an honor to be able to say I got to work on one of your movies (Bad Samaritan). Best wishes for the upcoming year!

Donated by J Reinhardt

18th April 2018

Donated by Anja Schmidt

22nd December 2017

Thank you to David Tennant for all the fantastic performances, for being so kind and generous to his fans, and for being an amazing example of what being a good man really means.

Donated by Deborah Sanford

20th December 2017

Ginger Crawford and Cynthia Vela donationMerry Christmas & a happy New Year, enjoyed your great work Broadchurch was perfect, looking forard to Good Omens, thanks for being the good man you are and for you works with charities. Love, G & C

Donated by Ginger Crawford and Cynthia Vela

20th December 2017

Ginger Crawford and Cynthia Vela donationHappy birthday, David, wishing you joy & blessings, thanks for your many works of charity & for your fantastic work on stage & screen, may your grove thrive every tree is needed, love G & C

Donated by Ginger Crawford and Cynthia Vela

17th April 2017

Happy birthday & congrats on DJ in Soho & Broadchurch, brilliant work, sir & thanks for your message that every little thing is going to be alright. Thanks for lighting a candle against the darkness.

Donated by Ginger Crawford

14th April 2017

Ginger Crawford and Cynthia Vela donationMerry Christmas & Happy New Year to Dr DT from me, Ginger AKA tenner @ Hermits United AKA Kilgrave Digger, we enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to you in NYC! Wishing you the best now and always love, G.

Donated by Ginger Crawford and Cynthia Vela

21st December 2016

Ginger Crawford and Cynthia Vela donationCongrats and well done, Doctor Doctor!! Loved seeing you at BAM and singing happy Bday to you. Many blessings and much love from "the Kilgrave digger" and her BFF.

Donated by Ginger Crawford and Cynthia Vela

28th July 2016

Happy Birthday! Have another great year in Scotland's beautiful landscape!

Donated by Dr Rosalind Russell

2nd May 2016

Making this donation of a tree to an extraordinary talented and wonderful person who does so much for the world over with his kindness and generosity. Thanks David Tennant.

Donated by Katie Wright

2nd May 2016

Donated by Caroline

27th April 2016

Ginger Crawford donationHappy Birthday DT! Thrilled with the good things in your life, Richard II in USA, JJ & BC3! Thanks for continuing to inspire & being the lovely man you are. See you in NYC @ BAM for R2, love, Ginger

Donated by Ginger Crawford

11th April 2016

For a consummate, stunning performance as Richard II, an experience which left me quite overcome, and which I shall cherish always. With all my gratitude. You were magnificent.

Donated by Virginia Price

25th January 2016

David, you are my beloved favorite actor. You're a role model for my friends and I as we launch our own theatrical careers. We fell for the Doctor, stayed for you. Love from NYC. Can't wait for April!

Donated by Kathryn Lagana

22nd December 2015

Ginger Crawford donationHappy Holidays, Mr. T, congrats on all the great goings on in your life and I'll be seeing you in NYC! You aren't just my Doctor, you're my actor and my inspiration.

Donated by Ginger Crawford

10th December 2015

Wishing you a Happy Birthday and a Healthy Life. I sent you one of my books He Talks Funny for your family, as well as a picture I painted and a poem. With Gratitude.

Donated by Jeanne Buesser

15th June 2015

Happy belated birthday, David!

Donated by Jennifer Barone

24th April 2015

For a truly beautiful person, with all my love, Virginia. x

Donated by Virginia Price

20th April 2015

Happy Birthday, David! Thank you for all the wonderful and beautiful things you do for the world. Your kind and giving heart are a true blessing. I hope one day we get to meet. It would be an honor.

Donated by Donna Standridge

20th April 2015

Donated by Janelle Reinhardt

17th April 2015

Hi, it's me, Ginger! Happy birthday dear David, thanks for all your work and charity efforts! Wishing you many blessings on your birthday!

Donated by Debera Crawford

15th April 2015

Merry Christmas David. You will always be my Doctor and my favorite actor. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Donated by Ange Hertz

25th December 2014

25th December 2014

Ginger Crawford donationHappy holidays, Mr. Tennant, wishing all good things to you and yours! Thanks for all your work this year, especially Gracepoint which I enjoyed even more as a Broadchurch fan.Hoping for season 2!

Donated by Ginger Crawford

25th December 2014

Donated by KiKelly

25th December 2014

Donated by Virginia Price

28th April 2014

For one of whom it is surely true to say, "To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded." For one whose great talent, humanity, and generosity of spirit is an enduring source of inspiration to so many. And for which we say a heartfelt thank you! May the trees of this grove flourish, and nurture all the life that they support and shelter, always. With love and respect, Virginia. x

Donated by Virginia Price

18th April 2014

Birthday blessings to you, Mr. Tennant and Holy Week and Easter blessings to you and your family. Peace be with you.

Donated by Rev. Naomi Sorrwar-Randall

14th April 2014

For Mr. Tennant, a brilliant actor and generous, wonderful person. Happy birthday!

Donated by Carole Quattrone

14th April 2014

Ginger Crawford donationHappy Birthday, our best beloved Mr. Tennant! Thank you once more for everything you do, not only in your fine performances, but for the many good works of charity you support. All good health, wealth, happiness and prosperity to you and yours, and congratulations on all the lovely goings-on in your life. Love and best wishes, Ginger Crawford

Donated by Ginger Crawford

14th April 2014

Thank you David for all you do on TV & Stage!!! I love your acting in what ever role you play!!! Have a great Birthday!!!

Donated by Laura Towne

13th April 2014

Chelsea Older donationHello David Tennant. You are my hero, and I am a sick, disabled woman in the USA. The only thing I have ever wanted to do in my lifetime is make a mark on the world. I hope that my two trees grow high and strong and leave my mark in your grove. Have a Happy Birthday and know that you are helping someone like me make a difference, even in a small way, through her most beloved hero. Thank you!

Donated by Chelsea Older

4th April 2014

Andrea Mahoney Ross donationMr. Tennant, thank you for your wonderful work. You can make me laugh, love, cry, want and feel so much with every role you've played and it has enriched my life in such a short time. You are a brilliant actor and I thank you for sharing your talent with us all. Happy Birthday!

Donated by Andrea Mahoney Ross

31st March 2014

For David, thank you for sharing your talent and humanity with the world. Your art and your actions toward others make this world a better place to live. From the depths of our hearts, thank you from the crew at Hermits United.

Donated by Janelle Reinhardt

5th February 2014

samantha hyde donationkeep up the good work laddy !

Donated by samantha hyde

14th January 2014

Well done Mr Tennant. For remaining unspoilt in the wake of the adulation you engender for the exceptional body of work you have created thus far in your career. I too, along with one of my sisters, think you can ever be replaced as The Doctor however skilfully replacements perform the role. I just want to add, along with all the oft related regulars, a real soft spot for Dan in DINKY! Mainly I do this as I cannot believe what the government are allowing to happen to the trees woods an forests in this country! Whether Scotland and England remain as one or not, makes no difference to the nature on this tiny island, both flora and fauna need taking care of, how dare we lecture other countries on what they are doing to the rainforests? Our government should hand their heads in shame! Happy to contribute to the grove. x

Donated by Jacqui Haynes

7th January 2014

For David Tennant, Whom I consider one of my teachers and an incredible inspiration. Happy New Year, and best of luck on Gracepoint. I can't wait to see you on our side of the pond! Thank you, Kate

Donated by Kathryn Lagana

6th January 2014

Donna Standridge donationThis tree is dedicated to David Tennant, in appreciation for all the happiness and smiles he's brought to me throughout the years. Thank you. Donna

Donated by Donna Standridge

16th December 2013

Ginger Crawford donationMerry Christmas, dear David, and congratulations on all the wonderful things going on with you! You're not just my Doctor, you're my actor, and a lovely gentleman by all accounts. Meeting you is on my bucket list!

Donated by Ginger Crawford

12th December 2013

Thank you so much for everything, all the joy and tears and laughter, including that which is yet to come. It all means so much, but thank you especially for your wonderful Doctor - 'nobody does it better, baby you're the best'. In recognition of which, and wishing you all happiness, may this grove be a lasting gift to the future. Love, Virginia

Donated by Virginia Price

19th April 2013

Happy birthday to my favorite Doctor. - Meghan

Donated by Meghan Goyette

19th April 2013

Happy Birthday David, hope you had a wonderful day. Thank you for being such an amazing actor and a beautiful person. Jane

Donated by Jane Field

18th April 2013

For the one whose work inspired me at a time when I need inspiration the most. And whose work continues to inspire me to this day. Thank you, and happy birthday, Mr. Tennant. - Isa

Donated by Isa Gunther

18th April 2013

Well wishes to an excellent actor, a gorgeous person, and an all-around talented, sweet, and wonderful man! Thank you for being such a large source of inspiration to me, and never failing to brighten my day. You made an incredible 10th Doctor, the best Doctor in my opinion, and I look forward to seeing you in the 50th! Happy Birthday, David! Allons-y! ~Love, Mari

Donated by Mari Homstad

18th April 2013

Happy Birthday, DT! Congratulations on all the wonderful things happening in your life this year and thank you for your brilliant work. Much happiness and many, many blessings! Ginger Crawford

Donated by Ginger Crawford

18th April 2013

Happy birthday David! Thanks for being such an amazing actor, you always move me with your wonderful acting, and I really wish to see you on stage some day! Marzia

17th April 2013

In honor of a man I deeply admire for his work as an actor and his commitment to making the world better in so many small ways. You are awesome, David Tennant! - Angela

Donated by Angela Mondragon

15th April 2013

Happy birthday, David! And thank you for the joy, laughter, tears, and many other
heartfelt emotions you have made real for your fans. Love from the USA,

Donated by Lillian Smith

3rd April 2013

Happy birthday to my favourite actor!
So looking forward to Richard II in London.

Donated by Monica Egerbladh

3rd April 2013

Happy Christmas David! Love England :) You are amazing, and I'm happy to finally be part of this. Merry Christmas! - Maca D Merry Christmas, David! - Mavvy

Donated by John Smith, Maca D, Mavvy Vasquez

28th December 2012

hello David, I love your work, you're a very talented and handsome man, and you were the Best Doctor Who ever, love Kay Griffin San Antonio, Texas USA

Donated by Kay Griffin

24th December 2012

Donated by melinda white

20th December 2012

Hi, David, it's me again, the founder, Ginger Crawford. Making a donation this time in the name of our FaceBook page, Hermits United! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hermits-United-a-Tenth-Doctor-Shrine/222661604462912 Merry Christmas from all the Hermits at our page, and from my co admins, Cynthia and Diane. They are my good right hand and I couldn't run the page without them.

Donated by Ginger Crawford

7th December 2012

$5.00 American coming your way! Terry

Donated by Terry Rose

6th December 2012

I would like to dedicate this tree to a most amazing man. David, you are an inspiration to us all! Sandra.

Donated by Sandra Capicotti

19th November 2012

Merry Christmas to David Tennant and his family from ours. Mavvy.

Donated by Mavvy Vasquez

19th November 2012

Dear DT, Hi, it's me, Ginger, the one who started your grove! I hope you are pleased with what we have done. Emma here at Trees for Life is a lovely person, so thanks to Emma! From me and mine to you and yours, I wish you the happiest of times and continued success. Merry Christmas, my shining star! And the happiest and most prosperous New Year! love, Ginger

Donated by Ginger Crawford

12th November 2012

7th June 2012

Happy Birthday Mister DT! Thank you for raising awareness about the humanitarian causes and charities that you care about, as well as taking so much time with everyone after the Much Ado performances :) Tish

Donated by Tish Develing

4th June 2012

Wishing the talented and gorgeous David Tennant a very happy birthday. Harriet

Donated by Harriet

2nd May 2012

Hi Ginger, thanks for organising this! David, have a very happy birthday indeed, and thank you for being so bloody wonderful. Kristina I hope your grove brings as much joy to others as you have brought to us through the gifts of your talent and the kindness of your heart. Suze

Donated by Kristina Huber, Suze Barron

25th April 2012

Happy birthday, David Tennant

Donated by Jane Hains

18th April 2012

So many years ago a bright star was born and people predicted that it would make the whole world shine. That star my dear, is you! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday luv Louise x

Donated by Louise Welsh

16th April 2012

Happy Birthday David! I wanted to give something to you & to the world in your name. I hope I've made this birthday special for you. Ginger Crawford

Donated by Ginger Crawford

11th April 2012

David Tennant is the reason I became interested in Shakespeare. Not only is David the greatest actor with rare talent and energy, but also has a kind and warm personality. xxx

Donated by Karen Russon

10th April 2012

Donated by Nicola Harvey

9th April 2012

For David Tennant. One of the finest actors of our generation and a very memorable 10th Doctor Who. An inspiration to many and adored by thousands all over the world. His name will live forever in this grove. 'Allons-y!' xxx.

Donated by Emma Peters

9th April 2012

Happy birthday David. Thanks for being you and thanks for your wonderful acting. You bring much joy to my life. Enjoy your day. Happy Birthday David! You are truly a lovely, wonderful and brilliant man. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration to me. Love From Zoe A beautiful idea to pay tribute to a talented and wonderful man. Happy birthday, David! Happy birthday to a wonderful, kind, sensitive, talented and all-round lovely man! I hope you enjoy your next trip around the sun... Love from Helen

Donated by Ginger Crawford, Amanda Penrose, Zoe Brown, DT Forum, Jill Coleman, Helen Bryant, Cynthia Vela

5th April 2012

Donated by Ginger Crawford

5th April 2012

Thanks for all the joy you bring to our lives, David. Thank you for everything.

Donated by Cynthia Vela

Happy Birthday David! Thanks for all the wonderful stories you tell through your craft. My son & I can't wait to see you in Richard II at Xmas! - Tomi

Donated by Tomi Hughes Morris

Donated by Guenivere McAllister

Happy Birthday, David. And thank you for all your fantastic work which brightens my life. I lam looking forward to seeing Richard II. - Jane Hains

Donated by Jane Hains

This will be my christmas present to David, thank you for this opportunity! - Monica. Finally an opportunity arose for me to do this. All my love and prayers from America! - Megan

Donated by Monica Egerbladh, Megan Conrad


Doctor Tennant won the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland for his performance as Jimmy Porter in Look Back in Anger at an early age. His Hamlet won the Critic's Circle Theatre Award as well as The Evening Standard Theatre Award. Doctor Tennant has won two Whats On Stage Awards, one for his RSC performance in Richard II and another for the main character of DJ in Don Juan in Soho by Patrick Marber. He is respected and beloved for his tireless devotion to charity and his humanity. This grove exists to thank him for his works of charity and his encouragement to make the world a better place and his efforts to be a positive influence and use his position to do good in any way available to him. We thank him and hope he accepts this gift from his fans with all the love it is given.


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Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
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