A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Carol McKendry
26th December 1953 - 4 May 2016


A living memory to Carol McKendry, a wife and mother with the soul of a gypsy,
the heart of a hippie and the spirit of a faerie...

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Jade, Jordan & Chocky Balboa donationWhen we fall in love that is deep and true we do not only give the one we love a piece of our heart, we trust them with a part of our soul. We create an invisible bond that can never be broken. xxx

Donated by Jade, Jordan & Chocky Balboa

18th October 2018

Graham McKendry donation44 years ago we looked into each other's eyes and said I do.
You are the one who still holds
 the ring of my love
You are the one whose whispers
 still kiss my very heart. xxx

Donated by Graham McKendry

17th October 2018

Bunny, Jordan & Balboa donationMy baby boy has gone home to his mummy and there are now four new little paw prints among the stars. We love you little Prince, sending kisses and carrots until our pack is reunited xxx

Donated by Bunny, Jordan & Balboa

17th May 2018

Graham donationOur Wellie is with you now. It broke my heart to watch him leave but I know one day we'll all be together again. Until then I'll keep his memory in my heart with yours. Sweet dreams baby boy. Dad x

Donated by Graham

15th May 2018

Graham donationYou were right life does drift on, however, some things never change, like my heart belonging to you. xxx

Donated by Graham

3rd May 2018

Jade and Jordan donationThank you for all the small moments, for every shared day that delicately wove an unbreakable bond between us. The beauty of everything that makes you ours is forever entwined in who we are. xxx

Donated by Jade and Jordan

2nd May 2018

Nicole donationWhen I miss you I sometimes listen to music or look at photographs... not to remind me of you but to make me feel as if I'm with you. Happy Mothers Day! All my love Nicole xxx

Donated by Nicole

12th March 2018

Graham McKendry donationHow I miss seeing you with our girls. It always filled my heart with love, pride and hope for all our futures. One day I hope to feel that way again. Happy Mother's Day my darling. xxx

Donated by Graham McKendry

9th March 2018

Bunny donationHappy Mother's Day my beautiful one. My fingers still curl around the emptiness of where your hand used to be. Until we can walk together again... all my love xxx

Donated by Bunny

7th March 2018

Graham McKendry donationLove makes no sense
Love has no name
Love drowns you in tears and then sets your heart on fire
Love has no fear, love has no reason.

Donated by Graham McKendry

13th February 2018

Beth, Paul & Smokie donationHappy Birthday Graham!

Donated by Beth, Paul & Smokie

9th February 2018

Beth & Paul donationHappy birthday Carol, we all miss you and are thinking of you always.

Donated by Beth & Paul

26th December 2017

Carol & Graham McKendry donationChristmas wishes to our family and friends. Have a wonderful, happy and loving time together and remember you are all forever special to us. xxx

Donated by Carol & Graham McKendry

21st December 2017

Graham McKendry donationHappy Birthday baby girl. Boxing days will always be your special day. xxx

Donated by Graham McKendry

20th December 2017

Bunny donationMy heart may be broken but all of these shattered pieces still hold the memory of you. Happy Birthday Bunty, I love you xxx

Donated by Bunny

20th December 2017

Jade, Jordan and Balboa donationMerry Christmas Moo Moo. There is not a present under the tree that can compare to the gift of having you as a mum. All our love and kisses Phil, Lil and our always promised four legged baby xxx

Donated by Jade, Jordan and Balboa

20th December 2017

Bunny donationEvery step, every whisper on the wind, every beat of my heart, always xxx

Donated by Bunny

3rd December 2017

J & J donationAn anniversary may mark the passing of the years but the love we hold within our hearts is timeless xxx

Donated by J & J

17th October 2017

Graham McKendry donationHappy 43rd Anniversary baby girl. My heart still belongs to you and each breath I take brings me closer to being by your side. Even in death our love lives on. xxx

Donated by Graham McKendry

17th October 2017

Jade,Jordan and Nicole donationTo love a wild spirit is to never be alone, for they will forever dance on the whispers of the wind. Sending an eternity of kisses, we love you xxx

Donated by Jade,Jordan and Nicole

4th May 2017

Graham McKendry donationCarol, they say time heals all wounds
, I don't agree
. Everyone needs a scar
. They remind us where we've been
 and teach us where to go
. Loving you forever and a day, is mine. xxx

Donated by Graham McKendry

4th May 2017

Graham McKendry donationOnce I walked hand in hand with an angel who will forever hold my heart. xxx

Donated by Graham McKendry

14th April 2017

Nicole donationI miss you... All the time, every second, every minute, every hour, every day. Happy Mothers Day... there will always be a part of me waiting for you. My love always and forever Nicole xxx

Donated by Nicole

24th March 2017

Some Little Bunny donationI think we dream so we don't have to be apart for so long. If we're in each other's dreams, we can be together all the time. To my missing part... loving you always. Happy Mother's Day xxx

Donated by Some Little Bunny

23rd March 2017

Graham McKendry donationHappy Valentine's Day My Darling. When I'm with you it's a beautiful life. Together this world feels like home. Walk beside me now until the end of time. Without you I feel so alone 'xxx

Donated by Graham McKendry

14th February 2017

Graham McKendry donationBoxing Day will be different this year, however, it will still be your Birthday. Happy Birthday baby girl. I will love you forever and a day. 😘

Donated by Graham McKendry

22nd December 2016

Graham & Carol McKendry donationA Merry and Happy Christmas to all our family and friends. 😘

Donated by Graham & Carol McKendry

22nd December 2016

Jade and Jordan donationHappy Birthday to my beautiful Rat, I always have and always will love you. Forever your Ping Pong xxx

Donated by Jade and Jordan

22nd December 2016

Jade and Jordan donationTo be reminded of you we don't have to go that far, for every night we see your face in every shining star. Merry Christmas Moo. Love you xxx

Donated by Jade and Jordan

22nd December 2016

Graham McKendry donationOur 42nd Wedding Anniversary and my first without you by my side nor me by yours...I pray this will be the only one we are apart. 😘xxx

Donated by Graham McKendry

19th October 2016

 donationLet's take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees... xxx

18th October 2016

Graham for Wellington & Heathcliff your special boys donationGone from our sight but forever in our hearts. We miss you mum. 😘xxx

Donated by Graham for Wellington & Heathcliff your special boys

24th June 2016

With all our love.

Donated by Mr G McKendry

21st June 2016

Donations received in remembrance of Carol McKendry.

Donated by Mrs J McKendry

21st June 2016

The McKendry Family xxx donationAlways remember that family is where life begins and love never ends xxx

Donated by The McKendry Family xxx

20th June 2016

Graham McKendry donationAnd if I really listen I hear you in the distance Baby all we have left of us Are echoes of love Echoes of love 😘xxx

Donated by Graham McKendry

15th June 2016

Lots of love!

Donated by Stuart Penrose

30th May 2016

When the breeze rustles the trees we will think of you x

Donated by Lesley, Daniel, Jessie, Boo and Jasper

30th May 2016

Jaclyn, Pete, Noah and Olivia donationPrivileged to have called you Auntie and grateful to have shared all of life's important moments with you. You will live on through all who know and love you. Love always xxx

Donated by Jaclyn, Pete, Noah and Olivia

26th May 2016

Thanks for being the first loving 'mum' I ever watched.

Donated by Claire McNeil Brown

25th May 2016

For a wonderful sister who will never be forgotten, we love you xx

Donated by Keith and Margaret

24th May 2016

In memory of our dear sister and aunt. You were a unique and beautiful person whom we shall miss every day. We love you. xxxxx From Trev, Gloria, Justine, Dean, Richard, Nicola, Craig, George, Lily.x

Donated by Trevor and Gloria. Holmes

23rd May 2016

You'll always be with us xxx

Donated by Sheila, Jim and Jill

19th May 2016

So sad a lovely ,beautiful inside and out has been taken so soon.our love and thoughts are with you all.loads hugs Mandy & Bob & Family xxxx

Donated by Mandy,Bob & Family

18th May 2016

Carol, you touched so many lives for the good. We're grateful we had the chance to know you as a cherished friend. An amazing lady and a remarkable life, so lucky that we shared some of this with you.

Donated by Denise, Gary & Charlotte

16th May 2016

Donated by Richard Cameron

16th May 2016

Always loved and remembered.

Donated by From Le Brocq family

16th May 2016

Jenny, Max and little Indi  donationWith love from the three of us xxxxx

Donated by Jenny, Max and little Indi

16th May 2016

Beth & Paul donationGoodbye Carol, you are once again an angel watching over us. Guide us all as we continue on our journeys with your gentle hand and loving heart. With these trees you will be the air that we breathe xx

Donated by Beth & Paul

12th May 2016

One Tree to show our love, One Tree to bind us, One Tree to seal our love and forever to entwine us.

Donated by Graham (Husband), Nicole and Jade (Daughters), Jordan (Son)

11th May 2016

Motherhood came so naturally to you. My life, my light, my strength. I will love you forever and a day. xxx

Donated by Graham McKendry

Throughout her life Carol's heart belonged to the rolling mountains and tranquil lochs of Scotland. Her husband Graham and daughters Nicole and Jade believe that her free spirit lives on in the land she called home... I give you this one thought to keep, I am with you still, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on the snow, I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift, uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight I am the soft stars that shine at night Do not think of me as gone I am with you still, in each new dawn. ~A Native American Prayer~

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
Carol McKendry's grove
Trees in this grove: 165

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