A Grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands
Shine on you crazy diamond
June Sinclair
04/06/1933 to 25/2/2018

June Sinclair

This grove is in memory of my Wonderful, zany and amazing Mum. She loved all things to do with animals,
gave her love of animals to me, her daughter Bev. Russell got his love of adventures and travelling from his Mum.
We are wanting to remember our amazing Mum by creating a new Grove in Scotland to grow for years to come.

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Happy Heavenly Birthday MUM <3 Miss you so much,
you and Natch are together now in a safe place xxxx

Donated by Bev Taylor

4th June 2019

Thank you Mum,
I'm celebrating you today for being so Zany
and giving me the love of nature and animals.
We have planted a tree in
my forest today for you here in Burnham on Sea.
Robins singing away x

Donated by Bev

25th February 2019

Mum Christmas will not be the same without you,
but I know you will be here in spirit <3
I have sent you this Christmas tree to decorate,

Donated by Beverley x

24th December 2018

Thank you Mum for coming to see me ....
I got a grand daughter now and
your yet again a great GRAN MUM xxxx <3
miss you so much XXX
Look after all animals/pets that I send to you
..keep smiling :) <3

Donated by Bev

25th September 2018

Please June look after Barney for Kelly till they meet again x

Donated by Angels

19th August 2018

I love you MUM, missed partying with you on your birthday,
but I'm sure you were partying with many others in heaven <3
God bless you and keep looking down on me xxxxx

Donated by Bev

18th June 2018

In memory of Kellys band of baby rabbits x
hop free with June till you meet again x

Donated by Bunny Angels

15th June 2018

June, you mean so much to me,
I have so many beautiful memories of
the time that we spent together,
you were a wonderful friend,
and the most amazing lady. Love you x

Donated by Nicki Newall

2nd April 2018

To my mother in law who is now in heaven
may you rest in peace and we will see you again someday.
You never really know how much
someone meant to you until they are no longer here.
R.I.P Juner .

Donated by Roger Tohme

27th March 2018

To my beautiful mum.
My mentor and my best friend.
A person who would lift my heart when I was down
and fill my life with light and laughter
merely by gracing it with her presence.
I Love you mum x.

Donated by Russell Sinclair

25th March 2018

Will never forget time spent with you as a little boy!!
The laughs we had!!
Will miss you my lovely
Danny, Mel, Freddie and Ted.xx

Donated by Danny James

20th March 2018

A lovely way to remember you mum x

Donated by Jane Denning

19th March 2018

You will always be remembered June
For your kindness your fun and your love.
Sleep tight my darling.xxx

Donated by Tracey

18th March 2018

Rach, Maria & Leila donationWe wanted to plant this tree in June's grove in memory of the wonderful Natch.
Please look after him June until his Mummy comes to fetch him <3 xxx

Donated by Rach, Maria & Leila

14th March 2018

Donated by Laura

12th March 2018

Your spirit lives on in the legacy you leave behind you.
In the whisper of the wind, the rustle of the trees,
in the song of the birds, and in the memories of all who knew you.
Love to Bev & family x

Donated by Rach, Maria and Leila xx

5th March 2018

We can learn a lot from trees: they're always grounded but never stop reaching heavenward.
Everett Mamor
May you live on through these trees Juner & forever in all our memories & our hearts x

Donated by Mich xxx

5th March 2018

In memory of our Juner.

Donated by Diane kempton

5th March 2018

To my Mum I hope your little forest grows,
so many animals souls follow you.
You are an inspiration x

Donated by Bev

4th March 2018

This Grove will represent all that our Mum loved about the world and nature. This will allow people who knew her to show their love for her. June had an amazing and varied life from cooking for celebs from The Colston Hall and The Hippodrome in Bristol.  She loved travelling all over the world, solo, in fact we did wonder if she would ever stop travelling. She was a strong willed woman who wore her heart on her sleeve and showed the world how it was/is, something she passed onto Bev! She will be missed by many people, so please leave a message or a memory for the family to remember her by, you can donate at any time more trees into the future.

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The trees in this grove will be carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

Scots pine against a summer blue sky.
Twinflowers in bloom on pine woodland floor.
A Scotch argus butterfly on common ragwort.
June Sinclair's grove
Trees in this grove: 45

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